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Romney impeachment vote heartens some, angers others in Utah

U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, explains his decision to vote to convict President Trump on the first impeachment charge — abuse of power. His was the lone GOP vote for conviction.

E-scooters aren’t

a good fit for Tucson

Over the past decade, significant work has been funded to revitalize our downtown. Much of this work is centered on the renovation of historically significant properties, our Train Depot, the Southern Pacific Railroad Engine #1673 (1900), the Pima County Courthouse (1929), etc.

We are not a theme park. E-scooters just don’t work for what Tucson is — a gem. Walking a leisurely pace will take you from one end of downtown to the other in 30 minutes, the same for Fourth Avenue. E-scooters do nothing to enhance a visit to our world. The two companies, purveyors of this blight, should be respectfully told, “not for Tucson.”

Peter Burgard

Green Valley

Manufactured enthusiasm for Pete

After two days of chaos and confusion, the Iowa Democrats have anointed as front-runner former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, whose apparent qualifications for the presidency are a mixed record as mayor of a town half the size of Tucson and the ability to read Norwegian novels. Perhaps Mayor Pete, like Dick Whittington, hears a voice?

Run for president, Pete Buttigieg, twice Lord Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. The media love Mayor Pete. This seems to be the only qualification that matters these days.

Robert A. Benzinger

Northeast side

Judge Marquez wouldn’t grant other exemptions

Federal Judge Rosemary Marquez has reversed the convictions of four members of No More Deaths for providing water and other supplies for undocumented aliens on the border. Marquez based her decision on the argument individuals were following their religious beliefs.

Marquez is a liberal appointed by Barack Obama. She was a former federal public defender in Tucson. In private practice she defended Mexican cartel member and high-ranking corrupt PGR Mexican federal prosecutor Eduardo Acosta Michel of Nogales, Sonora. She negotiated a plea for him for felony bank structuring, which did not restrict him from later being petitioned by relatives in the U.S. to become a green-card holder.

Would Marquez have reversed a civil-rights conviction for an owner of a bakery for acting on religious beliefs in not baking a wedding cake for a gay couple? Or reversed the domestic assault conviction of a Muslim man for domestic abuse of his wife based on his religious beliefs in the Koran? I doubt it!

Ric Hanson

North side

McSally picks

party over country

I have agonized over the last 38 months about the behaviors of President Trump and his appointees, for denying basic services for our elderly and those less fortunate than our average citizens. My heart broke to learn that he had threatened the security of the good people in Ukraine just to assure his election to a second term. I suffered when his orders tore babies from the arms of their mothers at the border just because they sought security from violence and death.

Today was the day we Americans said no more. Even though the overall vote was not in favor of restoring our honor and history of decency towards others, I want to thank Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for restoring my trust in the political process. I also want to acknowledge Sen. Martha McSally for picking party over country. She fails to learn the tough lessons that John McCain stood for.

Donna Johnson

East side

Reproductive rights

under attack again

I’ve supported Planned Parenthood ever since they helped me get affordable contraception against the advances of irresponsible suitors. Fifty years later, I know that Planned Parenthood does more to prevent abortions and promote healthy mothers, babies, and families than all “pro-life” programs combined. And so I was incensed a few years ago when my tax credit for supporting Planned Parenthood was nixed by our holier-than-thou legislators.

Today I learned that a narrow majority of the Appropriations Committee has advanced Senate Bill 1328, which would use my taxes for Arizona’s 2-1-1 crisis hotline — but only on the condition that they withhold information about abortion or organizations like Planned Parenthood. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

In this year, the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the League of Women Voters, I say vote ’em out.

Mary Price


Medal of Freedom devalued by Trump

Why in the world has the Presidential Medal of Freedom been bestowed upon Rush Limbaugh? It would be impossible to demean this award any further than honoring a talk show radio host whose only qualification is kowtowing to the sitting president’s views. Well I guess you could demean it further by awarding it to Bozo the Clown, though he has brought far more rational thought to American society than Limbaugh.

It doesn’t matter that he’s dying, that’s not a qualifier for an award of this magnitude. Everybody dies, but no one gets an award for it.

Perhaps Trump and his GOP should establish a Presidential Medal of Bootlickers to better reward Limbaugh and his ilk?

Scott Lukomski

Northeast side

Ask the right people the right questions

Re: the Feb. 5 letter “Nation’s priorities are out of whack.”

As one old white guy to another, I would suggest to Mr. Slick that he is perhaps posing his question to the wrong audience. It’s true that many Native Americans are living deplorable lives. It’s also true that in 1988, Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, signed by President Ronald Reagan.

Indian gaming really took off after that and they now rake in billions through their casinos, hotels and concert venues. The hope and expectation was that some of that revenue would trickle down and provide all tribal members with better opportunities for more affordable housing, better health care and education. I suggest Mr. Slick ask a tribal elder, “How’s that working out for you?”

Craig Kent

Northwest side

Refreshing display

of integrity

I sent the below email to Sen. Mitt Romney after his vote to convict Donald Trump and his eloquent speech about his vote:

Dear Sen. Romney,

Thank you so much for your courage and integrity in honoring your vow, before God, to be an honest and impartial juror in President Trump’s impeachment trial. Of course, as such you had no choice but to convict the president for his egregious, blatant abuse of his office, but given the spinelessness of your Republican colleagues in the Senate, your vote stands out as a lone, shining example of rectitude and honor in an era of craven, lickspittle Republican senators and members of Congress who have dishonored their oaths of office to defend the Constitution and, for senators, their vow of impartiality. They have shamed their states and their country in their endless denial and rationalization of repeated, indefensible conduct by the president.

Again, my sincere thanks; you have the gratitude of many millions of Americans who may not take the time to write to you.

Eric Weiss


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