U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., used a parody as a way to present President Trump’s misdeeds on a call with Ukraine’s president.

Senators, restore GOP to what it used to be

Remember the Grand Old Party? Remember when the Republican Party had good principles? Well, the Impeachment process of President Trump provides a great opportunity for the “silent” Republican Senators to save the GOP. All true Republicans should contact their Republican Senators and tell them to support and vote when the impeachment trial reaches the Senate.

This is a grand opportunity to restore the Grand Old Party to the principles that have withstood the test of time. Free Trade (No Tariffs), conservative fiscal practices (no unfunded tax cut that directly raised the national debt), all bills before Congress cannot add to the debt, a goal of reducing the national debt, strong support for our military. This is your chance.

George Workman


New California law about student-athletes

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law that will allow college student-athletes in the state to make money from images, names or likenesses. The law would only apply to student-athletes in California. Is the Pac-12 just about to go back to the Pac-8? One has to ask, “can the NCAA survive without California schools?” Or better, “can California schools survive without the NCAA?”

What happens when the NCAA bans all the rest of their other 49-state members from competing against California teams? Or if the NCAA bans any of their collegiate athletic events being hosted in California. Imagine a California coach approaching an Arizona high school athlete promising a multi-million “endorsement” that would have his/her name appearing on a local fast food ad. The understanding of amateurism has to be either redefined or removed from our language.

Raymond Behnke


Restorative justice option for adults, too

Re: the Sept. 30 article “Vail to form Community Justice Board to aid youths facing justice.”

Praise to the Vail community for its restorative justice program for juveniles. It’s clear that a restorative justice option makes sense for juveniles, and that its success rate is much higher than the usual judicial process. But it has also been shown that restorative justice works for adult offenders, and for the victims of their crimes, at a much higher rate.

The survivors of the crimes must have that option to offer and be willing to take it, which they are not obligated to do. But it has also been shown that a surprising number of victims prefer restorative justice programs to mere punishment of perpetrators. I hope County Attorney Barbara LaWall will now work to develop a restorative justice option for adult offenders and their victims in Pima County.

John Warnock


Trump really screwed up this time around

What’ll President Mike Pence be like?

Well, we know who he won’t be like.

The president has finally gone too far. His shabby attempt to “dig up dirt” on the Bidens is an impeachable offense that doesn’t rest upon proving a “quid pro quo” offered to a foreign nation. His own actions are the crux of an impeachment case.

It’s not the fact a whistleblower recognized the evil of the case; it’s the fact that Trump waylaid the congressionally-apportioned military money designated for the Ukraine (unarguable) and then force-fed its president on how much the U.S. had been of financial help, then, “Oh, by the way, I want a favor (unarguable).”

His thinly veiled pressure before bringing up his real aim, the “favor,” is itself part of the proof of a “high crime.”

Don’t be fooled by his dirty tweets and coarse mouthings about what is going on — he KNOWS he blew this one.

Paul Rees

Northwest side

Trump, take a page from Nixon

Late in the afternoon of Aug. 7, 1974, Arizona Republican Senator Barry Goldwater, and Arizona Republican House Minority Leader John Rhodes, along with Republican Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania went to the White House for a cloistered meeting with President Richard Nixon in the “working office” at the Old Executive Office Building.

They told the embattled Nixon that the House of Representatives would impeach him and that he and faced conviction and removal from office in the Senate.

The reality of the Presidential Watergate corruption coverup was apparent. Nixon announced his resignation the next day.

When will the Right Honorable Republican Senators Mr. Duck, Dodge, and Hide visit President Donald J. Trump?

Who will utter, as did Republican President Gerald Ford, that “Our long national nightmare is over!”

Jerry Wilkerson


Let us not forget

to honor veterans

Instead of watching a football game, I went to Tucson International Airport to welcome home elderly veterans (both men and women) from their visit to Washington, D.C. The veterans encompassed WWII, Korea, Vietnam and other conflicts.

The trip was organized by Honor Flight Southern Arizona. The purpose was to let these veterans see and feel the emotions of receiving a “Welcome Home” for the sacrifices they, and their families, made when called by their country.

I, along with many others, including the Salpointe High School football team, had tears in my eyes.

Let us not forget our veterans.

John Lutzel


Paying athletes

is not the college way

Should college athletes lose their amateur standing, I will no longer purchase season tickets. I gave up on the NFL when the players decided to kneel during the national anthem. I have not watched a game for the past two years.

For California to decide to set a standard that will totally destroy the unity that now exists between the states is brazen to the utmost degree. If I were in the decision making process of the NCAA I would immediately cancel all games with schools from California. I wouldn’t wait until 2023. This would force the state to rescind. If this is not done, then chaos will result as other states pass their own versions.

Players on college teams should be playing with pride for their college. To be doing it just to make money will take away the joy we feel as we support our schools.

Jack Walters

Northeast side

Helping Putin is treason

Any reasonable person would define treason as aiding and abetting an enemy. Any reasonable American would consider Vladimir Putin an enemy of America and its allies, which includes Ukraine, which Russia, under Putin, has invaded.

Trump’s withholding of military assistance to Ukraine in order to get “dirt” on Joe Biden and his son is aiding and abetting Putin’s invasion.

To me this sure looks like treason.

Toby Carman

East side

Thank Ducey for keeping education funding down

Kudos to Governor Doug Ducey for showing restraint in his reaction to Judge Neil Wake, who recently ruled that the state acted illegally in taking excess money from the Arizona State Land Trust.

Thank you, governor, for not calling Judge Wake a traitor, as your Republican colleague in the White House did for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.)

After all, your education money grab of $2.2 billion in 2017 was necessary to help fund $400 million in corporate tax reductions.

Your thinking, and the thinking for your campaign contributors, was that by reducing corporate taxes there would be a surge of job growth in Arizona. Unfortunately, most of those new jobs are in low-wage health services, corporate call centers and fulfillment centers (think Amazon warehouses).

But thank you for fighting to keep Arizona among the worst states for education funding. And please don’t arrest Judge Wake.

Peter Dean


Facts and the truth

are friends, not fake

All Americans deserve the truth and nothing but the truth! The people should testify if subpoenaed. The rule of law.

President Trump, tell us the truth under oath. If he is innocent, why does he act so guilty?

Hillary Clinton testified under oath with great prosecutors grilling her for over 11 hours. She withstood seven investigations.

All Americans need to know the truth.

Patrick Manion


Here’s a way to add voters, save AZ money

Because of recent information concerning disenfranchised minority voters and a letter about efforts by Rep. Mark Finchem and other Republican legislators to “protect against voter fraud,” I looked up Arizona historical election data and the voter fraud convictions by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. Since 2008, there were 20 convictions, 0.00015379% of the votes cast!

President Trump, claiming without a shred of proof that millions of people voted illegally in his election, created a Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, now disbanded.

Yet, neither he nor Congress nor our Arizona legislators are doing much to protect against real threats of attacks on elections by hacking our voting systems, fake ads or dark money.

Instead there are proposals to make registering to vote more difficult and polling places are being reduced.

Sixteen states have automatic voter registration, which, if available in Arizona, would increase registration rates, protect minority populations, automatically correct the voter rolls of this and any state from which the registrant has moved, and save Arizona money.

Margaret Nichols

Oro Valley

Again with this, Donald?

President Donald J. Trump did it again. It is a violation of federal law to solicit a foreign country for political gain. Yet he just asked China to investigate his rival. Again? Please find a smarter Republican to run in 2020.

Robert Tait

West side

Boas, alligators

and moats, oh my!

While Florida is being overrun by an uncontrolled proliferation of pythons and boa constrictors, Trump talks about digging a border trench filled with snakes and alligators to keep migrants out.

So here’s a simple solution that solves both problems, we import Florida’s snakes to fill Trump’s moat. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

Jeff Aronson

Northeast side

Avoid confirmation bias; embrace fact check

Re: the Oct. 4 letter “Ukraine’s president and the whistleblower.”

The author promotes several myths, fake news if you would, that has been circulated by the far right media, all soundly debunked. A whistleblower from intelligence often seeks legal counsel before filing a complaint for guidance on the procedure of filing a complaint. Schiff is a lawyer and head of the House Intelligence Committee. This was all very appropriate and doesn’t point to anything sinister.

Trump’s own inspector general issued a statement that the whistleblower rules had not been recently changed to allow secondhand information. That was always allowed. Only the form was changed.

What makes me sad is that people continue to repeat provably false information if it suits their preferred narrative. This is known as confirmation bias, that a source that confirms what you want to believe is more credible to you than a source that doesn’t. This is particularly troubling when someone like the author would rather believe a far-right conspiracy theory than the public statement of the Inspector General.

Fact check is your friend.

Jennifer Larson

Northwest side

How to drain the swamp

1) Cap campaign spending; 2) Confine campaigns to 45 days; 3) Cap donations at $5,000 by individuals only; 4) Eliminate lobbying; 5) Establish term limits thereby eliminating “career” politicians; 6) Forbid any candidate from employing or appointing a family member; 7) Pay elected officials a competitive wage while serving;8) Require background checks; 9) Establish a bipartisan commission to perform performance reviews every year of each elected official and to publish the results.

This, and more, could happen. It would take the support of 75% to 80% of the population but these are all achievable goals.

The only folks opposed to this proposal would be those who are currently paying to assure political loyalty and to guarantee exorbitant return on investment for themselves and their families. None of us “regular folks” would object to any of these reforms.

Stephen Franz

Green Valley