Arizona Stanford Football

Colby Parkinson tries to make the catch while being covered by Arizona’s Scottie Young Jr. on Saturday. UA gave up 31 points in the first half and lost 41-31. A day later, defensive coordinator Marcel Yates was fired. “These kinds of things are hard,” said UA coach Kevin Sumlin.

America’s best sport

is baseball

Baseball is the best sport in America. Baseball does not require that a player be monstrous or extremely tall to play the game. Baseball does not require players to physically contact or injure each other. There are no penalties, fouls, time limits or serious injuries. In a season, each team plays 162 games. Football players may barely complete 16 games in one piece.

In baseball, strategy is king. The entire game can change on the pitch of the ball, swing of the bat, catch of the ball or throw of the ball. Every ethic group is equally represented in the game. Every team has Hispanic, black, Asian and white players. In baseball, size does not matter at all. Jose Altuve at 5 feet, 6 inches tall and is as venerated a player as Aaron Judge at 6-foot-8. Baseball players come in every size, shape and color.

Men and women, boys and girls, can all play baseball at any time. There are no plays or formations or sets to learn. Any kid can play baseball, practice hard and become an all-star.

Baseball is our national sport because it manifests the best qualities of our American society. Who could not love baseball over all sports? The object is to play hard and win the game by making it home, and we all know home is the best place to be.

Richard Bechtold

West side

Internet companies have become too powerful

Today, Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple approach $1 trillion in value. Years ago, the public and government demanded breaking up monopolies to allow for more competition. In 1911, it was Standard Oil and in the 1980s, AT&T was broken up into the “Baby Bells.”

Today, these internet companies control so much money/power that they literally own government. They squash their competition or buy them out and spend whatever it takes in Washington, D.C., to retain power and influence legislation.

Only Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a plan to level the playing field for competition and limit power. How long can “we the people” continue to stand by and allow Congress to be slaves to money and power. It’s no longer about the vote, but money.

Money rules.

Roger Engels

Northwest side

Trump reveals his lack of empathy

It’s frightening that people continue to believe that President Trump actually cares about anyone. If he had any empathy at all, then why not lie about the reason to send troops back into Syria and say it is to protect people. But no, he flat out states it’s to protect oil, not human beings.

Closer to home, maybe Donald could skip another golf game while Californians, possibly even a few Republicans, watch their homes and all their possessions burn to the ground.

Owen Rentfro


State must invest more in kinship caretakers

Let’s talk about foster care, especially kinship care, where the children are brought to the homes of relatives in cases of neglect or abuse. I belong to Arizona Grandparent Ambassadors, an advocacy group. We hear the stories of grandparents who have exhausted their retirement savings, had to return to work or are depriving themselves in order to provide for their expanded family. We hear about their struggles finding therapy and educational services for the children, who have experienced trauma. We speak to elected officials to ask for better support for these families.

The Department of Child Safety prioritizes placing children with relatives because staying with extended family is less disruptive than placement with unrelated families. However, under the current system, the state invests minimally in compensating kinship families for the financial burdens they undertake and to service the needs their children have. Want the best outcomes for children in care? Then invest in them and their kinship caretakers.

Ann Nichols


McSally supports

a known cheater

Our senator, Martha McSally, endorses a president who cheats at everything. His history is cheating at golf, at business, at marriage and probably on his taxes. He cheats customers, students and contractors, as well as American middle-class taxpayer, and his supporters appear to endorse his cheating. So does Sen. Martha McSally.

I can’t say this conforms with my teaching of our grandchildren.

Dean Miller

East side

Don’t broadcast

al-Baghdadi’s death

Who are we? Three children were killed when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi detonated that suicide bomb. But there’s no mention of who they were. Not even a brief word. And Trump wants to televise it. Children dying right there on your TV. Is that OK? Not in my world.

Barbara Tanzillo


Upgrades to Fred Enke made for a great round

Kudos to the workers and staff at Fred Enke Golf course. The course is in great condition after the overseed. The changes in tee-box placement, cleaning up the brush and taking down irritating obstructions made our round very enjoyable. We will definitely be coming back.

Helen Stewart

Green Valley

Will US senators

be true to their oaths?

It is increasingly clear the House of Representatives will impeach the president and Senate Republicans will soon face a choice. Will they stay with President Trump to avoid inciting his “base” in their states against them? Or, in this the moment when the evidence is already clear that our government of “checks and balances” and an accountable presidency is at stake, will they be true to their oaths to defend and protect our Constitution?

Will they want future Americans to remember them as having failed the nation and lost our democracy, or will those future Americans revere their courage, honor, and patriotism?

Their time for a profile in courage is near.

John Bryant

Northeast side

Protesters should state their case — in writing

Protests in Chicago, protests in New York City, protests in Detroit, protests in Hong Kong, protests in Baghdad. Civil conflicts in three dozen countries, war in some, terrorism in a few more.

Do you ever wonder if people here, there and far away with some ax to grind will rediscover a more rational, kinder method for communicating their differences?

Here’s a thought. The next time you get the urge to shoulder a placard in support of some earth-shattering cause, scoot in behind your keyboard and state your case. Sure, street protests make for better TV viewing, but have less effect than the accumulation of social postings. True.

And consider this: You can communicate more online than on the street, with more comfort, less risk of injury. You might even create some form of civil discourse. And that might lead to a level of greater understanding or, heaven forbid, no need to protest.

Don Weaver


Arizona needs I-11

to keep economy healthy

Re: the Oct. 15 article “Opposition rises over proposed Interstate 11.”

To state Rep. Mark Finchem’s outcry over maintenance versus growth, and the Center for Biological Diversity’s environmental dogma: get over yourselves.

Transportation is the key to our serviceability. East to west, I-10 in Tucson will not be able to support future traffic let alone the growth for a north-south I-11. The town of Marana is correct in its assessment that combining I-10 and I-11 through Tucson would be a disaster.

I-11 is not an I-10 panacea. We need an I-10 and I-11 together. Both are necessary and imperative for the stability of a vibrant Arizona economy. Will there be environmental constraints from a new I-11 west of the Tucson Mountains? Absolutely. The key is to work together to avoid, minimize and mitigate those constraints as best we can. Let’s do that.

Nick Weigel

Northwest side

Blame recruiting

for UA football’s woes

I don’t understand the midseason firing of UA defensive coodinator Marcel Yates or linebackers coach John Rushing. I think it’s unjustified and wrong. The “nonexistent” pass rush has to do with recruiting, not coaching.

You can have players who play their hearts out, yet don’t have what is required to play at this level. The TV analysts keep referring to the UA defense as “undersized.” The recruiting buck stops at head coach Kevin Sumlin, not Yates.

The Wildcats’ defense repeatedly faced short-field situations and got little help from the offense or special teams.

I love Chuck Cecil, who took over as defensive coordinator. Hopefully that will bring good news for my beloved Wildcats. Bear Down!

Patrick Cunningham

Northwest side