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Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

Did Trump get a fair shake? Our letter writers debate

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Time for Trump, Pence to be responsible leaders

Today I ask the administration of Donald Trump and Mike Pence to please do your jobs. Work with Congress to help our nation with the pandemic, help the nation with COVID relief, work with governors to give a united message. Work with the president-elect to help with COVID-19 control and vaccine plans.

At present, to my mind, you are abandoning us, your citizens. If either of you ever want to run for president in the future, we will remember how you abandoned your responsibilities at the most perilous time in our nation.

Linda Rodriquez

South side

UA dropped the ball

with layoffs

Recent layoffs at the University of Arizona were handled disgracefully. As a University of Arizona retiree, I am ashamed of how unprofessionally this process was handled. A 30-year employee who works at an upper level should not be notified by a human resources associate that their position has been eliminated and they are laid off.

That is extremely disrespectful. I had the great privilege to work with President Peter Likins and later with athletic director Greg Byrne. Neither of them would have acted in such an inappropriate manner. They would have talked with the employee in person.

President Likins probably would have gone to the employee’s office. Neither of them would have mistreated an employee with such disrespect. I believe President Likins would have reprimanded anyone who did display that kind of insult and would require them to have training in human relations.

Perhaps it is time for the Arizona Board of Regents to do some personnel reviews.

Kathleen Gabhart

Northwest side

Use the popular vote to decide elections

The National Popular Vote is gaining momentum nationwide. It acknowledges that the Electoral College is an artifact of a different time and situation in America’s history and no longer has a place in present times. Please investigate for yourself and see if you agree — in a democracy the winner of an election should be determined only by the popular vote.

James Bergstrom

San Manuel

Bowers is right: Trump lost

For once, I agree with Rusty Bowers, Arizona speaker of the House of Representatives. Speaker Bowers stated he will not support efforts to select electoral voters to “flip” the election results for President Trump. Joining the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Bowers recognized this effort would violate state laws.

No doubt, he understood the validity of reports by President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security that this election was “the most secure in American history,” with no factual support of fraud for the 5 million-vote margin of victory by President-elect Joe Biden.

I applaud Representative Bowers for his logical reasoning on this matter and hope to see continued use of facts and logic in the many challenges facing Arizona and our nation.

Roger Shanley

East side

Trump didn’t deserve all the hate

I am old enough to have witnessed many presidential elections and have no doubt we will succeed in a peaceful transition of power. What makes today’s situation slightly different is a president that has been vilified on a daily basis even before he began serving and before he had an opportunity to make a single policy issue.

As a contributor to the editorial page, I read the opinion page every day. I do need to get a life, but as a former elected official, I get into that stuff. Today’s editorials provided a prime example.

Alongside the calls for unity were several lie claims, disaster predictions, dishonest proclamations, crybaby observations, death of democracy theories, failures of morality and the ever popular comparison to Hitler. That’s just today. Imagine reading 1,460 days of that and not feeling a little combative.

I guess if it makes some of you feel better to dump on someone when they are down, well, hope you enjoy it.

Gary Stoeger

Northwest side

American democracy triumphs again

Regardless of the election outcome, I am most relieved by and thankful for the integrity of the workers, from volunteers at the polling places to the attorneys general and secretaries of state in verifying and counting every ballot, undeterred by the interferences and threats from the Kremlin and the White House. American democracy, as old as it is, triumphed again. Hurray!

I hope “we, the people,” will learn that truth and honesty are vital for our survival. Words and deeds based on untruths only divide us. A house divided will not stand.

Moving from survival to living, from a divided nation toward a more perfect union, however, will require our caring for each other. Love is the only way. We have work to do: to heal the wounds and to build justice for all based on love. E pluribus unum — out of many, one.

Ke Chiang Hsieh


President Biden, start by respecting government

I’m certain you have a long list of immediate actions necessary to repair the tremendous damage caused by an incredibly immoral, self-serving, and failed president.

But right at the top of that list is a need for you to immediately emphasize the importance of separating the incredibly important missions of law enforcement, intelligence, foreign policy and home-security from any notion of political manipulation by either you or your political party; and of course you need to reintroduce humanitarianism into the immigration process.

You need to reemphasize the fact that Congress makes the laws; that the executive branch which you head carries them out and that you intend to work within the democratic system this implies.

And you need to publicly communicate your recognition, respect and appreciation for those individuals in governmental professions; and to express your intent, subject to the clearly communicated policy for which you are responsible, to rely upon those individuals for the conduct of government business.

Frank Parsons

Northeast side

Actually, it’s the Dems who are sore losers

Re: the Nov. 16 letter “A Trumpian house of cards.”

I have formal education in psychology and have witnessed the disturbing behavior of the Democratic leadership since 2015. They attempt to sway those around them to their way of thinking. They replace the truth with their truth (Russia and the impeachment hoax) creating a post truth atmosphere.

They are master manipulators (Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer) and gaslighters. Once their army of followers supported their alternative reality (antifa and BLM) they created a schism in America (rule of law vs. lawlessness). Those who did not believe their lies were considered the enemy.

The Democrats love to use those close to them (the press, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff) to inflict damage to their enemies, to the delight of the leadership. This is known as narcissistic triangulation. The Democrats refusal to accept defeat in 2016, accept the duly elected president has lead 50% of this country to believe our current election was tainted.

The Democrats hatred for the president and by extension the United States of America has created the toxic atmosphere — not President Trump.

Robert Guth

North side

Voting allegations are a shame on GOP

the Republic Party

Do those politicians who are making baseless allegations about the legitimacy of the voting process not realize the harm they are doing to our country? Have they forgotten the oath they took to uphold the Constitution? Our country is imperiled by those who, without facts, continue to deny that Joe Biden is our president-elect.

It is dangerous to our national security to refuse to acknowledge his election, thus preventing him from security briefings. Our collective health is at risk by the president’s refusal to cooperate in efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

This behavior by President Trump and Sens. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and others is beyond shameful.

The harm they are doing to our nation for purely selfish reasons shows a total lack of patriotism. I do applaud State Senator Rusty Bowers for his integrity in defending Arizona’s election process.

Sarah Simmons


Biden could destroy the country

For those of you who voted for Joe Biden because you hated the man Donald Trump, but ignored his accomplishments, we all may reap what you have sown. As time progresses, note how Biden will singlehandedly cure the virus. Also, keep an eye on your total tax burden as we spend and spend for everything.

Watch the value of your IRA carefully. Evaluate the effects of defunding the police and the open border policy. Also, note how utility and gasoline costs rise as we blindly and aggressively move to green energy without regard for reliable supply.

Observe the attempt by the Democrats to achieve a one-party system. Please remember that while 51% voted for Biden, 49% did not, and the majority can change in a short time.

Attempting to alter the fundamental concept of our Constitution, such an adaptable concept over time, may very well destroy the fundamental greatness of out country.

Pudge Johnson

Oro Valley

Republicans forgot about unity years ago

While President-elect Joe Biden’s call for bipartisanship is admirable, it may be time that Democrats let this idea die. Republicans long ago abandoned the idea of bipartisanship; it is not part of their operational makeup. The Democrats are now faced with this question, to continue the push for bipartisanship or adopt the Republican game plan.

As for the idea of unity, this premise may be a myth. The recent articles on unity seem to have one common thought, that only Democrats must compromise and sacrifice its agenda while Republicans do nothing more than wait for this sacrifice.

Democrats continually hang onto traditional political rules that Republicans no longer honor; Republicans basically use a winner-take-all strategy when they win and losers-obfuscate strategy when they lose. True compromise and unity as shared political ideologies in America may now be debunked.

Craig Whaley

Northwest side

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