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A letter writer says Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., did not “let (President) Trump own her” during last week’s State of the Union address. Instead, the writer says, she had the courage to act out her rage over the lies and misinformation in Trump’s speech by tearing up the document at the end of the event.

Pelosi did not get Trumped

Re: the Feb. 7 opinion piece “Pelosi let herself get out-Trumped.”

I disagree with Ruth Marcus’ opinion, especially the words, “They’ll go after you,” as a reason why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should not have ripped up the papers after the State of the Union speech.

That is the very reason the GOP members of Congress do not address or label Trump’s egregious behavior. They fear “they’ll go after you.”

Pelosi had the courage to act out her rage over the lies and misinformation written in those papers with a symbolic gesture, knowing full well that she would be attacked and called names by Trump and his sycophants. Her act was heroic.

Had she done nothing, then I might have agreed that she “let Trump own her.”

Lois Spacapan

Northwest side

Trump will continue to tear nation apart

“See something, say something.” That mantra is part of the fabric of America. It means that we are all in this together. I watch for threats in my neighborhood, my city, wherever I go, and I know that my fellow citizens are helping me. Twelve patriotic Americans risked everything to testify about a threat to our country, that the president was extorting Ukraine for his personal gain and counter to the interests of America.

Every document that has escaped obstruction confirms it. Three eyewitnesses confirm it. Even Republican Senators agree that Trump is guilty.

And what happened to these patriotic Americans? President Trump destroys them for questioning his authority. In Trump’s America, the mantra is, “Snitches get stitches.” Trump acts in his own interest, not in the interest of America. Impeached, angry and vengeful, he is now untethered and will continue to tear apart our country.

But worse yet is the mantra of his enablers, “I pledge allegiance to the man.”

David Jacobs

West side

Next county attorney should be an outsider

Re: the Feb. 6 guest opinion “We need a county attorney who’s devoted to reform.”

Laura Conover has hit several key points just right. One item often overlooked is that even if our current and previous county attorneys were great, it still adds up to 44 years without much change.

It is time to turn over a new leaf in law enforcement. It is time to seek someone outside the system to run this important office. It is time to stop putting small-level drug offenders in jail in order to increase conviction rates. Let’s go after the big fish.

It has been too long without the view of someone from outside the current system. Insiders have been calling the tune for more than four decades. We can do better.

John Yoakum


Federal building requirements absurd

As a retired classical archaeologist, I find absurd the proposed executive order that all federal buildings costing more than $50 million be built in the style of ancient Greece and Rome. In the first place, those societies practiced slavery, routinely tortured suspects, denied the vote to women, and both Athens and Rome were aggressive, brutal imperial powers. All of those values were antithetical, or should be, to modern democracies.

Second, the great temples and bath buildings were enormously wasteful of material and space, and the baths especially wasted vast quantities of fuel. Specialists reckon that heating the baths alone contributed to deforestation, with consequent erosion, silting up of harbors and estuaries, and increases of malaria. All of these costs together are thought to have contributed significantly to the economic breakdown of the Roman Empire.

Modern design and materials not only better reflect modern democratic values, but perform the vital function of reducing pollution and global warming.

Sterling Vinson


Elections should be decided on Election Day

Are you an active member of the armed forces of the United States? Will you be out of town during all the hours of voting on Election Day? Does illness prevent you from voting in person on Election Day? Do your religious beliefs prevent you from performing secular activities like voting on Election Day?

Will you be performing duties as an election official at a polling place other than your own during all the hours of voting on Election Day?

Do you have a physical disability that prevents you from voting in person on Election Day?

These are the only reasons the extremely blue state of Connecticut allows for not voting in person. I have yet to hear the cry of suppression from that state.

Our Arizona mail-in ballots seem to create logjams and uncertainty. Elections are resolved on Election Day in the Nutmeg State. What a concept.

Mark Moral

East side

Republicans have put nation on the right track

Arizona House Bill 2757, passed by Arizona Republicans in 2019 with no Democrat support (that’s 0, zip, nada), increased the 2019 Arizona Income Tax standard deductions and allowable charitable contributions. These actions will help people living on low and fixed incomes and those people having difficulty finding affordable housing by putting more money in their pockets.

And what of the national debt?

The last administration added approximately $10 trillion to the national debt, putting us on track to spend a never-ending $1.2 trillion annually. You can’t stop a high-speed train traveling 120 miles an hour on a dime without causing considerable damage to all on board.

President Trump and the Republicans have us on the right track as a nation and should be allowed to add $10 trillion or more to achieve our goals. Think of the possible advancements in education and environmental protections.

Bill Kendall


Impeachment showed Lady Justice is deaf, too

I am surprised that there has been no mention of the major benefit from the impeachment trial. The GOP-led Senate (minor exceptions) and Chief Justice John Roberts proved that Lady Justice is indeed blind and deaf. She did not see nor hear any witnesses, or see any additional documents.

Over 70% (had to be Democrats and independents) of American voters wanted more information, but Lady Justice held true to her calling.

This and the O.J. trial reinforce my prayer that I never have to go through a trial.

Kurt Ohlrich

Northwest side

US, China both

punish truth-tellers

What do the leaders of China and our country have in common? The Chinese reprimanded the doctor who tried to warn of the impending deadly virus, and our president fired an ambassador and a highly decorated national security aide.

Both countries punish people who tell the truth.

Constance Amspaugh

Southeast side

McSally’s impeachment vote is regrettable

It is regrettable that our own Republican Sen. Martha McSally would not vote guilty in President Trump’s impeachment. She turned her back on what is a bedrock principle of her party: conservatism.

She ignored both the vote and reasoning of the Republican presidential nominee in 2012, Mitt Romney, and the speech against Trump, also by a Republican senator from our state, Jeff Flake, who admonished that “politics can make us silent when we should speak and silence can equal complicity.”

The irony is that Trump isn’t even a Republican, but an arrogant, self-promoting party of one.

Jack Mattox

Green Valley

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