Dems unveil impeachment procedures; GOP calls process unfair

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said in a prepared statement Tuesday, “The evidence we have collected paints the picture of a president who abused his power by using multiple levers of government to press a foreign country to interfere in the 2020 election.”

Troubled by Sinema, who ran as a Democrat

I hope that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema knows her state voted her in as a Democrat. We fought hard for her presence and I even donated to the cause. We are seeing articles that indicate she is not representing the people who voted her into office fairly and justly. I urge Sen. Sinema to reconsider her stands on policy and what her positions are — and most of all, remember the people with whom she serves.

I found a New York magazine article especially disturbing and will continue to watch how Sen. Sinema votes. I have thousands of followers and currently support Mark Kelly for senator. I would hate to think that her presence in the Senate would mean that we would need to support a real Democrat to represent us.

Ana Lewis

East side


should defy Schiff

The Republicans stormed one of Rep. Adam Schiff’s secret hearings behind closed doors. Rep. Adam Schiff threatened them with ethics violations. Little he would know about ethics. The Republican members of that committee should walk into every one of those meetings, take a seat and refuse to leave. I don’t know of any law that allows the chairman to exclude any legitimate members from attending meetings or hearings.

Vernon Stedronsky

Northwest side

Universities bear blame for student debt disaster

If you are fond of railing against corporate greed, look no further than our universities.

They presently sit on over $500 billion in endowment money that averaged, in 2018, 8.2% on returns — tax-free thanks to their legions of hedge-fund managers. Perhaps this money could be used to help mitigate the national tragedy that burdening our young adults with debt is, and that they themselves have encouraged and created to enrich themselves.

David Slater


Trump Tower

in Moscow envisioned

Russia wanted a foothold in the Middle East. Today, Russia has a port in Syria and is the world power in control of that part of the world. Donald Trump called Vladimir Putin over Venezuela and after the talk, gave that country, its oil and port to Russia and Putin. Russia has its foothold in the Americas and its most coveted oil.

Russia and Turkey sign a pact and Turkey begins buying armaments from Russia. Putin wins again. By executive order, Trump abandons our ally, the Kurds, and a Russia-Turkey pact allows for their extermination ... just read the Kurds history and you will understand why they hate Turkey. Oh, and Russia and Putin win again.

I can see Trump Tower shining down on the Kremlin, and Putin and Trump win again.

Makes ya feel good, doesn’t it?

Roger Engels

Northwest side

Both parties wrong on immigration

I believe the U.S. is a nation of immigrants, and I support a generous immigration policy. But both political parties appear to be wrong on the issue of immigration. Republican politicians blame the loss of U.S. jobs on undocumented immigrants streaming across the border, which is false.

U.S. manufacturing jobs were lost to globalization (moving factories to China, Mexico, etc.) and automation (robots). Democratic politicians say they don’t support open borders, but none of them can give a straight answer to the question, “What should the penalty be for violating U.S. immigration law and coming to the U.S. illegally?” Both parties are playing this issue to pander to groups of constituents, but neither party is offering practical solutions.

Brooks Keenan

Oro Valley

Rothschild’s been

a good mayor

Just a quick letter of thanks to Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. And congratulations on a great eight year run being a great mayor and representative of Tucson. Your service to the community is much appreciated.

During Mayor Rothschild’s two terms as mayor, he has vastly improved the business environment in Tucson, and also worked to improve trade between Mexico and Southern Arizona. He has also been instrumental in greatly improving our downtown Tucson and much of the city.

In addition to this, he has also been heavily involved in participating in community events and helps with volunteering with nonprofit organizations. He is also very responsive to all members of the community who contact him via phone or email.

In summary, Mayor Rothschild is a man of integrity who will be greatly missed. I only hope our next city mayor is half the person that Mayor Rothschild is. Job well done, sir! Enjoy some time now.

David Keating

East side

Tucson afraid

to stick its neck out

Lets transpose a few Tucsonans mulling over the cons of Prop. 205 and hypothetically project them to the evening of Dec. 16, 1773, at Griffins Wharf in Boston Harbor. There, the Tucsonans encounter a rowdy group of Colonialists who are dressed in Native American clothes and call themselves the “Sons of Liberty.”

The “Indians” inform the Tucsonans of their plan to board the docked tea ships and throw over 300 chests of tea into the harbor. The Tucsonans are horrified and try to convince the Colonialists of the folly of their juvenile gesture.

“Don’t make the situation worse,” they tell the crowd, “let’s keep on paying the Tea, Stamp and Townshend Taxes. This will only make the governor angrier and he will impose new penalties on us.”

Had they followed the Tucsonans’ advice, we would be playing “God Save the Queen” at all our sporting and governmental functions.

My dad would tell me this about taking risks. Behold the turtle, who doesn’t get anywhere until he sticks his neck out.

Manny Ojeda


Not the season

for biweekly recycling

Did these geniuses who decided to cut recycling back to every other week stop to consider that doing so at this time was rather inconvenient? Yes, they are losing money, but cutting back over the holidays was not thinking at all. We are getting Medicare and all types of insurance information, holiday ads and catalogs, and soon shopping bags, boxes and whatever in our mail. This goes mostly in the recycle bin. Gee, guys, thanks much. Great timing.

Ann Akers

Southeast side

ATVs don’t belong

on bicycle paths

Tucson is attempting to become the most bicycle-friendly city in the nation. There is a big problem when there are ATVs driving all over the bike paths.

I use these bike paths nearly every day. I see between three and six of these vehicles daily. They use these bike paths as their own personal road. As an example, this morning I was riding the underpass on St. Mary’s Road when an ATV came flying from the other direction.

This particular underpass barely has room for one bicycle let alone an ATV. I had to completely stop, get off my bike and move off the bike path onto the terrain. The driver blew past me waving. That is not bicycle-friendly, that is dangerous and could be deadly. It is posted everywhere that no motorized vehicles are allowed.

Thaddeus Lawrence Cory



seasonally apropos

I am sure backers of Donald Trump will make note of the historic impeachment vote in the House of Representatives on Halloween backs their claims of a “witch hunt.” But I see it more like a celebration of Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos)!

Alan Barreuther