Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Ukraine issue

is worth the ‘fuss’

Re: the Oct. 6 letter “Fuss about quid pro quo is not helping anybody.”

Jaywalking and vehicular homicide both happen on the street, but they are not equal crimes. To equate and excuse Donald Trump’s behavior with the Ukraine as just an extension of DC “quid pro quo” behavior and not worth the “fuss” is both cynical and simply wrong.

It is true that big money sources, like the NRA, big Pharma, and the coal industry, have excessive influence. It is true that there have been a few corrupt legislators who sold their souls for a “quid” and sought to deliver a “quo.”

But that is really rare and deplored by most of us in both parties. As a liberal Democrat, I never thought my senators, John McCain or Jeff Flake, were guilty of peddling their principles or votes. They sought no “quid.” They offered no “quo.”

The Democratic legislators demeaned by the letter writer are not “paying off liberal progressive donors.” They are defending the Constitution, as are a few Republican senators now breaking their silence in search of their honor.

Norman Sherman

Southeast side

Extorting political favors is an impeachable crime

Indeed, a quid pro quo is often used in business and politics as well as private life. But extorting political favors from the leader of a foreign country in exchange for U.S. financial aid is an impeachable crime as provided for by the constitution.

Ignorance is no excuse.

Hugo Wessels


Trump’s allies today are tomorrow’s Kurds

Trump’s most loyal insiders should pay close attention to how he is abandoning our Kurdish allies in Syria. Those who stand by the president today (believing he will protect or pardon them) are tomorrow’s Kurds. They just don’t know it yet.

Linda Stanley

East side

Trump, his real pals and a tale of fantasy

Finally, we see our shining knight arrive on his noble steed and just in the nick of time to protect our country from the evildoers like those 4-year-old gang members from Central America, like Joe Biden, like the journalists who risk their lives in order to tell the truth, and now the Kurds. Thank you so much, President Trump. You are actually my hero.

And please, never mind about that fake news and the phony, so-called corruption from your real pals and now apparently our real pals too. Let us now praise famous men, those great virtuous men made from the same real stuff you are made from, the stuff of pure incorruptibility. That’s the stuff we real Americans so understandably admire. You know exactly who I mean, don’t you? Vlad, Kim, Bashar, Erdogan and least we do not forget MBS (a genuine Prince of guy).

So, keep it up. Damn the torpedoes. And damn our world and our democracy.

Jerry Greenberg


Water, not copper,

is most vital resource

Judicial rejection of the Rosemont Mine has been followed by predictable criticism, and derision by the mine’s proponents. Highlighting our need for copper for technological applications, they are suggesting hypocrisy for those mine opponents who benefit from that technology.

Martha McSally joined the fray emphasizing copper is needed for our national security and clean energy, and arguing that we should mine in the U.S., where we have high environmental standards. Senator McSally is an active cheerleader of the Trump administration’s campaign to destroy U.S. laws and policies protecting the environment, and advancing alternative energy. The court decision regarding the proposed mine emphasized the plan did not even meet the environmental standards of the prevailing 19th century law.

There is no shortage of copper in the 21st century. Copper is almost 100% recyclable and reserves are plentiful. However, largely absent from the debate, is that the mine’s operations will require a prodigious squandering of our most important and valuable resource in the desert, water.

Roger McManus


Time to toss out Trump and clean house

It is past time to stop the madness. Trump must be tossed out of office immediately, pried out like the diseased tooth that he is.

People are dying because of Trump. Children are dying in concentration camps in Texas. Pregnant women are dying in Mexico because border patrol illegally ships them back across the border. Families are dying, hoping for a better life, killed by the gangs preying on them while they wait, wait, wait in Mexico.

Now the Kurds, who fought so valiantly against the IS while the rest of the world sat on their hands, are going to be killed because Trump has an obligation to Putin.

The man is crazy, crazy with power, crazy with money grabbing glee. Because Republicans in Congress won’t touch him.

Congress must stand up for their oaths to the Constitution and get rid of this criminal administration. All of them must go. It’s time to clean house.

Irbie Wylie

Graham County

America is about rooting

for the true underdogs

I’m sure it’s no news to anybody that we Americans have a long history of rooting for the underdog. I think it probably started during our Revolution when we were up against the international top dog, the British. To this very day, we have a strong tendency to root for whomever we think is being persecuted. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous (bad) people pretend to be persecuted in order to gain sympathy from those people who are not sharp enough to know that they are being taken for a ride.

In order to avoid the trap of rooting for the underdog when he/she is undeserving of our support, we need to rely on our wits and common sense. As my older brother said many years ago: “Believe nothing of what you hear, and half of what you see. Ask questions, and make your own decisions. Lead for yourself, don’t be a follower.”

God Bless(ed) America, keep it going.

Vincent Allen

Northwest side

San Pedro River preservation justified

Re: the Oct. 7 article “San Pedro River must never be put at risk by Arizona.”

I found Peter Else’s article to be a statement of an actually quite urgent issue: that is, you can’t restore natural wonders once they are compromised. Once you lose it, you can’t get it back. Else leads an organization of land owners and lease holders with land astride the San Pedro River. A Scottsdale developer proposes reliance on ground water alone to make a go of a 28,000-home city. This draw down of ground water would help to dry up the San Pedro, a free-flowing river out of Mexico which ultimately flows into the Gila River.

When you consider that abutting the San Pedro are prehistoric woolly mammoth hunting sites, and beaver dams of recent years, the San Pedro preservationists are rightly and justly seeking federal court intervention to save the river.

Richard Sipan

Green Valley

Employee benefits while on strike

Nobody “wins” when there is a strike. Cars are not being built and workers are not working. Yes, $250 a week for striking workers is no where near their take-home pay, when on the job, but the workers walked out, not the company. Strikers say they have to “last” just one day more than the car companies, but this walkout could last for weeks. I haven’t got a crystal ball, but over 50 years ago I was a UAW union member (no choice) but only stayed there for one year in the factory.

The work is boring and very repetitious. The only good thing is the “money,” health benefits and retirement. I heard from a very reliable source that $1,000 of every new car bought by us (consumers) goes to pay UAW employee retirements. Anyone up for buying a new car this week? Love that “sticker shock.”

Kenneth Unwin

East side

Definition of treason cannot be bent

Our Constitution states that “treason shall consist only in levying war against the U.S. or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” It seems to me that our Founding Fathers included the word “only” to keep people like Trump from bending the meaning to include anyone who disagrees with him, opposes him, or exposes his dirty dealings and lies. The man expects blind allegiance and obedience regardless of what he does or says. So did Hitler. This is the mark of a true dictator.

Tom Henderson

West side

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