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Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

Will petition gatherers be punished for shady practices?

Activists seem hell-bent on targeting whites

Who invented the concept of white supremacy? The same bullies who invented systemic racism. There’s no bully like an activist who manipulates others through victimology. The professional/political victimologist uses a double standard to try and take down white supremacists and systemic racists; meanwhile their actual goal is to be non-white supremacists, and they’re already systemic racists because they target only whites.

Wannabe supremacists seem unaware that social supremacy is earned by merit, not skin color. However, the liberal hype called political correctness has created the myth that over-achievers deserve to be looted by under-achievers. Brace for America’s Coca-Cola moment if her tried-and-true formula of law and order is ever improved upon by lawless looters.

Molly McKinney

Southwest side

Gulf Coast residents right to be worried

Re: the Sept 1 article “Hurricane Laura has residents worried about receiving help.”

The people of Louisiana and other states affected by Hurricane Laura are right to be concerned about getting the help they need. Over the last couple of years, two big chunks were taken out of the FEMA budget. And the trailers FEMA used to have, some worth up to $65,000, were sold off for as little as $100. Someone did well, but not the people hit by Hurricane Laura.

Carol Kerchenfaut

East side

Always get information before signing a petition

As a longtime Tucson resident, I’ve encountered many petition passers for various causes and candidates. However, my experience near Broadway Boulevard and Camino Seco on Sunday was unsettling.

A woman approached me and asked if I would sign a petition for an independent candidate. She didn’t volunteer the candidate’s name or the office he was seeking, and her hand covered the portion of the petition naming the candidate. I had to ask twice in different ways before she identified him: Kanye West.

I declined to sign, but I saw others she approached sign the petition without learning the candidate’s name. When I posted about this on Nextdoor and talked with friends, a number of them shared that various Kanye West petition passers had used the same subterfuge with them in different areas of town.

I reported what I consider fraudulent signature gathering to the Pima County Elections Department. But it behooves us all to get basic information about any petition before signing it.

Donna Phelan

East side

A way to get Dems, Star to support border wall

If Latinos were known to vote 70% to 80% for Republicans, as they now do for Democrats, would the Arizona Daily Star and Democrats so vehemently oppose building the border wall? If they really cared about saving migrant’s lives and keeping smuggled drugs, which are increasingly meth, cocaine, heroin and fentanyl, off the streets would they oppose the wall?

I firmly believe their anti-wall arguments about wildlife, the environment, etc., mask the real motives. Progressive liberal Democrats believe people in poverty have a right to come here, and more importantly, they will become future citizens, vote Democrat and eternally expand the party’s power in government. Ask yourselves, if 70% to 80% of Latinos, who make up most of the undocumented immigrant population, voted Republican, would Democrats like Joe Biden and the Star be supporting legalization and citizenship for 11 million already here?

Would they have been supportive and non-critical of the tens of thousands of Central Americans who came here undocumented and more likely will come if Biden wins?

Jonathan Towers

Northwest side

Trump always finds ways to hit new lows

Over the past 3.5 years, President Trump has lied many times while in office. He has offended our allies and praised dictators. Rolled back environmental standards and bungled a response to COVID-19.

I realize around 40% of Americans approve of his performance, but when he defended one of his enthusiastic supporters after shooting and killing two protesters, he has stooped to a new low. Surely, most of the 40% who approve of him can’t condone this kind of behavior

Arthur Rogers

Northeast side

Americans need to wait for votes to be counted

I recently read that in-person votes cast on election day will likely show President Trump with a huge lead over Biden. However, Trump’s lead will likely disappear over the next several days once the mail-in ballots are counted.

The finished count could possibly reveal that Trump did not win the election, as some may have thought on election day, but Biden is the true victor. Should this scenario happen, it would be disastrous for election officials to release preliminary election day vote counts.

Given the current climate of violence/division throughout our country, such disinformation could lead to even more violence.

As such, I am calling on all responsible Americans to write to elected officials, asking then to do all they can to prevent this from happening by insisting that all local election officials in all jurisdictions refrain from revealing to anyone any vote counting tallies until all votes cast have been counted. We are a patient people, and can wait for the final vote tally to be announced.

Stephen May


Trump’s hero garden has no room for McCain

Gov. Doug Ducey has submitted an impressive list of notable Arizonans for the proposed National Garden of Heroes: liberals, conservatives, men, women, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and Caucasians, military and civilian. Can’t argue with Sandra Day O’Connor, our first female Supreme Court Justice; Native American Marine Ira Hayes, who raised the flag on Iwo Jima; environmentalist Stewart Udall, secretary of the interior in two administrations.

But there’s one non-starter: Sen. John McCain, the shot-down Navy pilot who spent five years rotting in a North Vietnamese torture prison. Remember what our commander in chief said about McCain: “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

So that settles it, because what really matters is whether President Bone Spurs likes you. Back to the drawing board, Ducey. Find someone he likes. This Navy veteran suggests Vladimir Putin.

Jake Jacobs


The paths of all tyrants have much in common

How do tyrants come into power? Well, some inherit the position of power, and some overthrow the legitimate government and assume power, but others work their way into the authoritarian position.

This last set of tyrants all seem to follow a similar path. First, they actually work their way into a leadership role. Some are even elected or appointed to a position of leadership. They work to silence critics.

They surround themselves with loyal sycophants (no matter their qualifications or disqualifications) who will follow their leader’s whims, prejudices, directives and so on. If necessary, they take up certain religious positions to convince faith leaders of the rightness of future actions.

They shed themselves of followers who oppose them (or make them look bad) in even the most trivial of things. Then they twist the rule of law to meet their desires. And they have a terrific propaganda arm to sway public opinion and to justify their actions. They then become a tyrant.

Who does this remind you of?

Dennis McKiernan

East side

Fauci provides hope, Dems provide snark

On Sept. 2, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine could be ready by the end of the year. He said ongoing clinical trials might end early if results were overwhelmingly positive. Fauci further said that researchers would have “a moral obligation” to end the trials early and make the active vaccine available to everyone and he was not concerned about political pressure.

The CDC has told officials to be ready for a vaccine by November. We would not be anywhere near having a vaccine if President Trump had not initiated his Warp Speed program, that partnered the federal government and private industry in developing a speedy safe vaccine.

Up until now, Biden, Democrats and their news media buddies have used scare tactics implying that an early vaccine would be unsafe.

But now their guy, Fauci says its safe and coming soon. Democrats are willing to deprive an early vaccine to people for political reasons. If Biden wins the election, then any vaccine developed will be perfectly fine.

Marty Wagman

Green Valley

Steller’s misguided take on Kanye, black voters

Columnist Tim Steller’s one-sided opinion has caused him to conflate West’s quest for candidacy with an attempt to siphon off Black voters from Joe Biden. It is equally likely, however, that he would draw independent voters of any race who are unhappy with both candidates.

The Democrat Party’s obsession with identity politics is a disturbing method of racism. Whatever a person’s race or ethnicity or social class may be, it is offensive to characterize them as a mere stereotype who is expected to think in a particularly narrow manner.

Biden’s comment to the effect that (and I paraphrase) “If you don’t vote for me, then you ain’t Black” shows his arrogant lack of respect.

However, it’s not Biden I’m taking issue with here, it’s your columnist’s shortsighted view.

Louis Pinkett


Trump sowing doubt with USPS moves

Taxpayers are not funding the USPS. All operational costs are paid for by sales and services. USPS does have a large unfunded obligation to current/past employees because, in 2006, Congress passed legislation requiring USPS to fund the present value of earned retirement obligations within a 10-year period. Other corporations, like FedEx and UPS, have no such obligation.

President Trump did not appoint Louis DeJoy, a major Republican donor, postmaster general, but did appoint all members of the USPS Board of Governors who selected DeJoy for him.

DeJoy was not identified as a candidate by an independent search firm, but was interviewed on the recommendation of a Republican governor. He has no USPS work experience and has invested extensively in its competitors.

The only “hoax” being played on the American people is Trump’s politicizing the Postal Service to sow doubt about its ability to meet its constitutional obligations as part of his baseless attack on mail-in voting.

Joseph Alexander

Oro Valley

Undecided voters have clear choice in Biden

I am trying to stay focused. Over 195,000 Americans have been killed by COVID-19. Millions and millions of Americans out of work. A divided America.

We are all a lot worse off than four years ago. No plan, no platform, no health care. I will vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

I hope undecided people will do the same. Country over President Trump. At least do your homework.

Pat Manion


Pierson a great candidate to serve on TUSD board

I have watched Nick Pierson give back to his community for many years. His genuine concern for youth is apparent in the work he has done for the community.

While serving on the Board of the Fox Foundation, he helped create the KIT Arts and Culture Youth program. He has also served on the Tucson Hispanic Chamber Education Foundation and the Los Changuitos Feos over the years. TUSD is in dire need of fiscal management and academic opportunities for our future leaders.

Nick is a man who will bring a much needed business expertise to the board and will also put students first. As a mom I have experienced firsthand how TUSD needs someone who will put students and community above politics.

Please vote Pierson for TUSD to serve our students and community the way they deserve. He will bring the transparency, accountability and passion we need for our future generations and our community.

Pilar Ruiz, Moms for Pierson


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