Immigration families

City Councilwoman Regina Romero, right, shares her thoughts about the plight of asylum seekers and others trying to enter the U.S.

Brits can do

two things at once

Re: the June 8 letter “UK citizens should show their thanks.”

Yes, our president did make a historic trip to Europe. The writer seems to equate Trump’s reception by many of the British public as a denial of the alliance our countries have had for two centuries. I fail to see the logic. Trump’s own words and actions toward the British are what drew people into the streets to show their displeasure at his visit. In my mind this doesn’t lessen the gratitude these folks have (or show) to the troops who helped liberate Europe 75 years ago.

Rich Bolton


Tariff threat influenced Mexico’s behavior

The president threatened to tariff Mexico for not controlling illegal immigrants who are coming into our country. So the liberals and naysayers panicked. Oh, the cost of food and materials are going to skyrocket! No, President Trump is a negotiator, that is what he does. So we now see Mexico suddenly agreed to close its southern border and not allow illegals to enter our borders.

Too late, Mexico. You should have closed your borders years ago. We now have the hardship of caring for those who slipped in, and we all we get is diseases we haven’t had in years,give them housing, transportation, clothing, medical care and schooling.

So what does this say to those who are trying to come in legally? Oh, also a new thing. These illegals have gotten a free pass to fly in our country without documentation. The enemy of the people and the president should admit he is doing an exceptional job without help from the DNC.

Joan Brown


Unwise to add

more taxing districts

Local elected officials admitting they can’t do their duties are rushing to allow neighborhoods to form yet another layer of bureaucracy in the form “self-taxing improvement districts.” Sounds great — let the neighborhoods vote to establish yet another taxing body to manage street improvements.

Wrong direction. Instead of creating another non-elected overlapping duplication of tax districts to fund road improvements, end the waste. Consolidate the various road departments including cities, county and existing functions of homeowners associations’ responsibilities for roads.

One road department for all of Pima County. One office, one set of planers, one complaint department, one maintenance and equipment shop, equalized tax burden across the entire county. Eventually efficiency in economy of scale and revenue savings in bonding and debt servicing.

Pull things together. Citizens need to reach out and speak up, or yet another boondoggle of unnecessary waste of time and tax dollars will crush us.

Harvey Akeson

Northwest side


empty symbolism

I noticed over the weekend numerous cities had people on street corners demanding Trump be impeached, as are 60 Democratic congressmen. I wonder how many of them actually know how the impeachment process works and that it does not automatically remove a president from office? Only two presidents, Andrew Johnson in 1868, and Bill Clinton in 1998, have been impeached, and neither was removed from office.

For those who don’t know how the process works, here is a quick study: The House of Representatives impeaches the president. After impeachment a trial is held in the Senate and a vote is taken at the conclusion. If, and only if, two-thirds of the senators vote for removal, the president is removed from office and the vice president becomes president.

And that’s why impeachment will not work. The only way to remove Trump will be voting him out of office.

Michael Wallace


Would be proud to have Romero as mayor

As a lifelong Democrat and a 20-year resident of Tucson, I was stunned to learn that Tucson has never had a female mayor and just one Mexican-American mayor who served for one year in 1876! This year we have an amazing opportunity to make history. The strongest and most experienced candidate is Councilwoman Regina Romero. Regina has proven that teamwork and a strong drive can lead to economic success for Tucson while protecting our amazing desert habitat. It would make me so proud to have Regina Romero as our next mayor.

Michael Finkelstein


Hefty loans,

uncertain income

As a retired banker I’m concerned that student loans have already reached $1.5 trillion and are growing rapidly. Many students, I fear, are justifying these loans with exaggerated ideas of their future income. The student’s parents, the various government and private lenders, the schools and universities and the students themselves should be working together to understand the impact these loans may have on their future lives. About 10% of these loans are already delinquent and the student loan program is still very young. Please be realistic when using these loans; your future may depend on it. The monthly payments on these loans will be certain, but there is nothing certain about your future income.

Jerry Moore

Northeast side

Passenger pigeons perch atop persecution scale

Re: the June 23 article “It’s time to end wildlife killing contests in Arizona.”

Not to diminish the point of this op-ed, but one claim it made is debatable, i.e., that no other animal (besides the coyote) has suffered the kind of deliberate, casual persecution we have rained down on coyotes. Oh? Where would the passenger pigeon fit in on this continuum?

Educated approximations have the passenger pigeon at several billion individuals as late as the early to mid-1800s, more numerous than any bird species today, or perhaps ever. Yet, not a single one exists because of direct extirpation by humans. Simply shooting into the giant migrating flocks brought down tens of birds at a time, but ingenious techniques were devised that killed tens of thousands of birds at once and also disrupted nesting sites nearly completely. By the turn of the 19th century, passenger pigeons no longer existed in the wild, and the last captive passenger died in 1914.

What could top the passenger pigeon for the claim of worst deliberate persecution ever?

Paul Sheppard


Feminism’s goals worthy of men’s support

Re: the June 26 article “Gay men need to be feminists, too.”

The opinion and analysis article by Rich Benjamin was an outstanding example of self-searching in a cultural and political context to sharpen one’s focus on both present-day reality and the possibility of action toward positive change. In general men in the United States, straight, gay, bisexual or otherwise, are still at an advantage over women in business, jobs, salaries and status. It is time for all men, and all women, to stand up against sexism and to push forward the goals of feminism, as well as full gender equality, in this country and around the world. We occupy our space in the world not separately but together.

Dr. Richard Bradley


Our forebears

surprise us still

Re: the June 27 article “GI Bill mover helped change US more than he could have known.”

A touching and elegant portrait by Norma Coile of the things you learn later in life about your family. I will remember this one and the insights it brought to my own father’s arc of quiet accomplishment. In an age of modesty, our families seem to have left us great treasures to unearth.

Ford Burkhart


Why is my congressman 300 miles away?

I live in Oro Valley and our congressman is based in Flagstaff! And, if you think that is unusual, now with the Supreme Court ruling, you haven’t seen anything yet! Just a nice 300-mile and five-plus-hour trip to visit our congressman. Wonder who thought that one up!

Roger Engels

North side

Movie-star paper dolls a marvelous surprise

Re: the June 22 section “Movie Star Paper Dolls.”

What a wonderful surprise to see your spread on movie-star paper dolls. I spent many contented hours as a child designing clothes for my cherished Rita Hayworth and Susan Hayward cutouts, and Dale and Roy and Trigger. I learned the joy of solitary play using my imagination, my creative skills and even story-writing as Rita and I danced a tango in Tangiers in the flowing dress I clothed her in! Thank you to the brilliant editor(s) who thought to include these illustrations. They will have a cherished place in my memoirs.

Chris Angle

East side