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OPINION: Will gas prices rise under a Joe Biden presidency?

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A letter writer faults the Senate Republican COVID-19 relief package for failing to extend the moratorium on evictions and for not including emergency rental assistance. Pictured is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Give testing priority to front-line workers

According to recent articles in the paper, professional athletes and coaches get COVID-tested daily, or on a regular basis. Yet, at the same time, our health-care and other front-line heroes don’t have that option. They have to be symptomatic, exposed or have other specific reasons.

Really? Professional athletes/coaches have a higher priority? Where is the outrage to that?

Jack Harris

Northeast side

Relief package

from GOP a joke

Sen. Mitch McConnell has, once again, shown he has little concern for the needs of those suffering from the effects of this pandemic. His COVID-19 relief package contains no provisions for extending the moratorium on evictions, no emergency rental assistance, no 15% increase in SNAP benefits, or in raising the SNAP benefits for single, mostly older adults. It also contains a minimal expansion of unemployment insurance and no increase in expanding Medicaid funding to address the increased need resulting from the pandemic.

Does he really want to see whole families forced to live on the streets, or yet a greater number of cars lined up at already overburdened food banks? With a $15 billion increase in levels of Pentagon spending since 2017, it seems the one that should be starved is the Pentagon.

Joan Finn

Green Valley

Expect to pay more

at pump under Biden

You likely will be paying higher prices at the gasoline pump and in home heating costs under a Joe Biden administration, because Biden will be hostile to the fossil-fuel energy industry. He likely will reverse Trump’s executive orders on expanding exploration on federal lands and other policies encouraging energy production.Trump has supported the oil and natural-gas industry, helping to make America energy independent from Middle East and Russia.

We are now an energy-exporting country. Gasoline prices have been low throughout his term. Biden will focus on green energy production. Thus look for higher out-of-pocket costs at the gas pump and furnace heating bills if on natural gas.

Progressives despise oil and gas and want to eliminate it. Only a small percentage of America’s energy is produced by renewable sources like wind and solar. As of July 28, Biden said he would be the most progressive president that we have ever had, bending to pressures from the left and abandoning his supposed moderate ideological political status.

Paula Martin


Civic responsibilities include thinking

Ignorance is a natural aspect of our human condition, none of us can know much about too many subjects. But willful ignorance is incompatible with a modern society. The willful ignorance expressed, and even promoted, by our president and leaders of his party is directly responsible for tens of thousands of deaths of our citizens, deaths that were entirely preventable.

One only has to look at other developed countries to see how they have gotten this disease under control. Want to fully open up the economy again, want to send our children back to school? Two easy steps, social-distancing and wearing masks to respect your neighbors, will quickly bring this disease under control.

Want to make America great again? Stop pandering to the ignorance being promoted by some of our leaders. Thomas Jefferson said “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

Tim Helentjaris

Northwest side

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