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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

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Dark times could come from sanctuary city

What’s so dark about our times? Stock market is up, people are employed, housing market is OK for Tucson. What will be dark for Tucson is a vote for a sanctuary city. It will cripple Tucson, as we are already a poor city. Now that will be dark!

Karin Radzewicz

Northwest side

Our jail treats people

with humanity, dignity

I have been arrested over 30 times since 2013 and thought it was a civic obligation to report about the bad rap given to our sheriff. I have seen over the last three years a positive change in the correctional officers at Pima County Jail. What’s been reported and the way in which they treated this office is not fair for our community. Our jail, whether people belong there or not, has started treating people with a sense of humanity and the officers now let people maintain dignity. The jail system should be used as a model of change for all city and county governments. I stand by this office.

Edward Trachy


The party’s over

on partisan politics

In this week’s news, partisan politics dominated the top stories. This is a reminder of how many important issues face our country that cannot be solved by party politics. For example, climate change can’t be solved by one party. It is going to take every person and every politician to solve this critical issue.

The majority of Americans support congress to take action on climate change. Rather than be divided on this issue, our representatives must come together.

Fortunately some Democrats and some Republicans have risen above party politics and have cosponsored the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, HR 763. This bill will bring climate change under control while stimulating technology innovation. It is time we all rise above partisan issues and focus on people issues like clean air and water. If we don’t, the alternative will be no winners at all. The party is over.

Maggie Kraft

Northeast side

Save our community, say no to Prop. 205

I am the son of immigrants and I see no upside and only downsides to Prop. 205 for our community. It would do nothing to fix our broken national immigration system, and won’t provide any new protections for immigrants.

Prop. 205 would make our whole community less safe and cause us to lose resources. If it passes, there will be unintended consequences which will hurt all of us in the region. Let’s join together in saying no to Prop. 205. Our community’s future depends on it.

Manuel Davila

South side

O’Halleran nails it

on prescription drugs

Congressman Tom O’Halleran nailed it when he tweeted, “I have heard from countless #AZ01 families and seniors concerned about the high cost of prescription drugs. We must take a holistic approach to address this crisis and ensure that Americans can access the medications they need.”

Having the right approach to prescription drugs for seniors is fundamentally necessary in a responsible society. And as with policy area this large and complicated, a holistic approach — that is, thoughtfully weighing all relevant considerations — is essential if we are going to get it right.

Will Cooper


Does Rep. Grijalva

really know mining law?

Re: the Oct. 24 article “House panel OKs update to mining law.”

It was reported that U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva has sponsored the Hardrock Leasing and Reclamation Act to, in his opinion, update antiquated U.S. mining laws. In support of the need for change, Rep. Grijalva argues by using the analogy that “you can’t regulate cell phones based on the Pony Express ... You can’t do what was done then now.”

Let’s hope his knowledge of the mining industry and its laws and regulations is better than his knowledge of telecommunications laws. Cell phones and services are virtually unregulated in the U.S. so his analogy falls flat. How do I know? I taught telecommunications law at the UA school of law. Rep. Grijalva looks sorely uninformed when he misses the mark by such a wide margin.

James Tuthill

Oro Valley

We should honor

local hero teacher

Re: the Oct. 25 article “Ardent Desert View instructor wins $100K prize for excellence.”

What a delight to read of the recognition, and cash prize, for Mr. Cesar Gutierrez, precision manufacturing teacher at Desert View High School.

His students, who live in a demographic that struggles with poverty, have a 100% graduation rate? That’s amazing and should bring our community to its feet in celebration of this inspiring educator. Mayor Rothschild should be ordering keys to the city for this wonderful man.

I continue to work in women’s health care in this community as I have for the last 35 years. I always ask my young teen /adult patients about their education and aspirations.

I know, as the daughter of working-class parents and as the first in my family to graduate from college and achieve master’s degrees, that keeping your eyes on the prize and your spirit engaged in the work, no matter how difficult the challenges, is the ticket to a life of promise, meaning and self reliance. Heroic teachers like Mr. Gutierrez are the lynchpin in this process.

Eileen Devlin

Northwest side

Troops sent to Syria show where priorities lie

So, our president withdraws our troops from Syria, leaving the Kurds who helped us fight ISIS and lost 10,000 lives to the tender mercy of the Turks who are slaughtering them, but is sending troops to Syria to protect the oil fields. What does that say about our priorities?

Harry Peck


More bad decisions need to be controlled

Re: the Oct. 26 letter “We trust 18-year-olds to vote but not to smoke.”

I go further than the letter writer and believe adults aren’t experts in a whole range of important life skills and knowledge — like diet, fluid intake, exercise, appropriate clothing, etc. Therefore all of these and many other aspects of life need to be controlled by experts for our own good! Who needs freedom and responsibility when you can have safety and security?

Isaac Pinkerton


‘Open borders’

is a false claim

Re: the Oct. 25 article “It’s nice to have an ally amid all the sanctuary silliness.”

In former Gov. Jan Brewer’s opinion article, she makes several references to “open-borders activists” and “open borders groups.” Who are these groups?

In all my years (and I am 68 years old) living and working along the border, I have NEVER encountered any group that promotes open borders. To advocate for humane treatment of all persons, documented and undocumented, does not equate to espousing the complete opening of all borders.

The idea of “open borders” is a false narrative that gains traction by its constant repetition without any grounding in facts. There are NO “open border activists.”

People who support sensible immigration reform come from all sides of the political spectrum.

However, the idea of completely “open borders” has never been an option adopted by any group or politician within that spectrum.

Norma Gonzalez

Oro Valley

I’m jumping in with Ed Ackerley

I have never posted a political sign in my yard in all of my 68 years. As the victim of burglary twice, I did today. I am totally behind the candidate who sees the importance of more police protection.

Crime is so rampant in my neighborhood, and the surrounding neighborhoods, that I don’t dare allow a cool breeze in my home on a beautiful Autumn day by leaving a door or window open.

It seems that our police don’t have the manpower to respond to everyday “petty crime.”

We need a mayor who will seriously address the need for more protection.

I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Ed Ackerley when I went to pick up my sign.

It is proudly displayed and I encourage voters to “Jump in.”

Diane Paulson


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