Republican insincerity

I watched Republican Rep. Steve Scalise give an insincere speech scripted with typical (Soviet-style) psy-ops language. The Republicans should be ashamed of themselves.

Part of the psy-ops technique is to accuse your “opponents” of exactly what you are doing, to take that accusation away from your opponent.

The reason Republicans are prevailing is they have hired very skilled manipulators to hone their messages. The Democrats, on the other hand, seem to have no interest in robust messaging because the truth is on their side. In other words, “when they go low, we go high.”

I really don’t think “high” is going to win this one. The issue is simple. Did Donald Trump try to extort a critically important ally, essential to our national security? Did he try to force the vulnerable new leader of Ukraine to manufacture and publicly state a story that would vilify Trump’s likely Democratic opponent in exchange for military aid?

Heather Borman

St. David

‘I laughed myself silly’ over Fitz on UArizona

Re: the Nov. 2 Fitzsimmons opinion piece “I’ll stop saying ‘UA’ the day Wilbur gets litter-trained.”

Fitz has outdone himself. I laughed myself silly while reading it. Thanks, Fitz! Although I understand and appreciate the “reason” for the change from UA to UArizona, I’m on Fitz’s side. At best, UArizona is ridiculous even though reasonable (if that’s possible).

Nancy Shiley

Northwest side

GOP Chair should come see process

Re: the Oct. 30 guest opinion “Chance of fraud heightened by ballot, envelope design.”

Pima County’s elections procedures are some of the best in the nation.

I have spent many hours personally observing them in detail for years and have nothing but praise for how things are handled both in the Recorder’s Office and the city and county election departments.

There are some state laws passed by the Republicans in the Legislature that could well be changed for the better, however.

David Eppihimer should examine the facts and actually come to observe the very careful procedures used by both the city and the county.

If his purpose is to suppress the Republican vote, by raising paranoia at the time people are voting, he has probably discouraged at least one person from his party from voting, which is his privilege. He and other Republicans also recently signed a letter to the board of supervisors that shows his ignorance of both the system and the state laws. Get the facts before you criticize, Mr. Eppihimer.

Barbara Tellman


Vote in Democrats to end gun show loopholes

Re: the Nov. 2 opinion piece, “End gun shows on public property at the Pima County Fairgrounds.”

I agree wholeheartedly with Larry Bodine’s column about ending gun shows at the Pima County Fairgrounds. As he notes, our state Legislature has passed a law forbidding local jurisdictions from passing stricter gun laws.

In other words, we have no local control over issues that affect us here at home.

To enact sane gun laws, we need a majority of Democrats in both houses of our state Legislature. Voters need to look at candidates’ positions on issues before they vote.

Eve Shapiro


Trump is not the one

Many Trump supporters write letters saying that we should support him and all the great things he has done. Unfortunately, I will not be able to bring myself to support Trump or most GOP candidates for office.

Donald Trump continues to lie to the country, behaves as if he were a king and as the king can violate any law. However, Trump supporters and Republican officials and politicians continually accept these behaviors and believe Trump is doing a great job.

There may be Republicans who can unite this country and restore my confidence in the GOP, but certainly the one Republican who cannot do this is Donald Trump.

The Trump presidency and administration is the modern embodiment of why the Founding Fathers revolted against England and wrote the Constitution. We did not then, nor do we now, want someone who believes in autocratic governing and disobeys the law.

Craig Whaley

Northwest side

Open primary will encourage more voters

Arizona needs to have an open primary for elections.

The system of closed primaries closes out voters that do not wish to register with either major party and keeps others from deciding that they would rather have the candidate of the opposite party. Every citizen of Arizona deserves the right to participate in the primary to voice their support for the candidate of their choice without regard to party, for the general election.

The breakdown of the 2016 Arizona primary illustrates the point. Hundreds, if not thousands, of voters were prevented from voting in the 2016 primary because “something” happened to their registration. That problem has never been explained to Arizona citizens, let alone fixed.

We still don’t know how people were switched from the party they registered in.

An open primary would eliminate the problem. It wouldn’t matter if you were registered in the right party because you could vote for the candidate of your choice.

Jean Wylie