Gun-control advocates demonstrate against gun violence in Charleston, West Virginia. A letter writer, citing acts of gun violence featured in a recent History section in the Arizona Daily Star, says gun-control laws are overdue.

Gun-control laws

are decades overdue

Re: the Aug. 29 History special section

Many current and hopeful members of Congress along with potential presidents feel the time is now for action on gun control. While I approve of the feelings, the time started long ago.

The History section has references to the 1966 shooting at the University of Texas and the 1969 Charles Manson murders.

The time was then and long before then. Now is the time to get around to this very long-standing problem.

Our Second Amendment gave us access to single-shot, muzzle-loading firearms. It didn’t mention assault weapons, et cetera. In my mind, some updating is appropriate!

Marion Leonard

East side

Live today to make a better future

Did you ever wonder what loved ones who left this world 15 or 20 years ago would think of what is normal today? Would they be shocked or amused at cries to destroy Jefferson and Washington’s sculptures at Mount Rushmore? Would they say yea or nay to movements to “right wrongs” done by ancestors hundreds of years ago? Would they suggest that the victims’ countrymen, who sold them into slavery, should pay compensation? Should we track down the descendants of those who led the Salem Witch trials to accept responsibility? We can’t forget that in turn, Irish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Jewish and others were treated badly.

My father, deserted by his father, learned a trade at 16, and worked to help his family. Today there are challenges unimagined in the past. We can’t change how cultures advanced by might. We can change our attitude and help all of our people move forward and work as a united force to find our commonality, not division. Live with dignity.

Ethel Maloney


Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

Evil big business or big government, what is your pleasure? The recent Oklahoma decision on Johnson & Johnson concerning opioids hopefully will open the door for everyone to get some restitution from lots of different problems.

Didn’t McDonald’s have an aggressive advertising campaign for Big Macs? Maybe that is the reason I am overweight?

Then again “drink responsibly,” was that an aggressive enough comment to limit drinking? Why am I responsible for how much alcohol I consume? Can’t we hold the alcohol industry responsible for how much I drink? The doctor said take these pills, they will stop the pain. And I always listen to my doctor, except about losing weight, reducing alcohol, exercise and smoking.

Why must I be responsible for my choices and actions? Isn’t it someone else’s fault?

George Gluski

Oro Valley

Romero’s smarts, not machine, got her elected

Re: the Aug. 29 article “After primary victory, Romero is poised for historic run.”

As a man, Tim Steller, of course, would view Regina Romero’s impending mayoral tenure as “surprisingly late in arriving,” as he put it in his Thursday column.

Steller should shed his biases and celebrate that someone with intelligence, fearlessness and political savvy, and who doesn’t look like him, is capable of winning an election and leading the city.

Steller’s column was disappointingly dispassionate and off-base in implying that Romero’s victory came because of a political machine.

As soon-to-be Mayor Romero might say, display some “ganas” in your approach to Tucson politics and government next time you choose to write about them.

By the way, I am an entrepreneur and Tucson business owner, and I consider Regina Romero to be plenty friendly to local business.

Shraddha Hilda Oropeza

West side

Denying care to sick immigrants is heartless

Re: the Aug. 29 article “Migrants receiving medical care lose protection.”

Does Donald Trump not have even a shred of humanity?

This is, indeed, a new low. I would like to believe that there is something that Congress or the courts can do to overturn this latest decision by the Trump administration, which is nothing short of an outrage.

It is unimaginable to think that anyone could be so heartless as to remove individuals from life-saving medical care and send them back to countries that are unable to care for them.

I urge everyone who read this article to contact our representatives and senators immediately to demand that they take steps to halt the process of removing immigrants who are receiving medical care.

This is not what America stands for!

Aston Bloom

East side

Too many plans

is better than none

Re: the Aug. 30 opinion “Taxing the rich won’t pay for Democratic promises.”

The opinion by David Winston (a former staffer for Newt Gingrich) tells us why the Democratic candidates’ plans won’t pay for themselves. It’s interesting that in the second paragraph Winston says, “Climate and college tuition are both legitimate issues. So is health care.”

So what is the Republican plan for these issues?

Let me summarize: Climate: Deny it is a problem and weaken environmental protections. College Tuition: No plan except making it harder to pay off student loans. Health Care: No plan, except to abolish the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Yet somehow the Republicans found time to pass a $2.3 trillion tax cut, mostly for corporations and high earners.

Winston says the Democratic candidates owe voters an answer. I agree. That’s what elections are all about.

Would Winston agree that the Republicans owe the voters an answer?

Donald Brown


Evangelicals are being bamboozled by Trump

Why do you support a man who has broken at least half of the 10 Commandments? To me this seems like blatant hypocrisy.

President Trump has these people completely bamboozled. He knows how to make the “right noises” so that he seems to be on their side. He isn’t. He’s only on Donald’s side. All his efforts to “Make America Great Again” have had the opposite effect. Everything he has done has made our country the laughingstock of the world. His tariffs are ruining the U.S. economy.

Flora Frederick


Steller should speak with credible experts

Re: the Sept. 1 column “Even ‘lite’ version of sanctuary will provoke Legislature.”

Columnist Tim Steller quoted Jessica Vaughan from the Center for Immigration Studies, which was founded by John Tanton. Tanton was a eugenicst whose mission to maintain a white majority is documented in letters with Klan lawyers, Holocaust deniers and white supremacists. The center is not simply “restrictionist,” as described by Steller.

Vaughan’s Twitter feed is a modern Der Sturmer, pushing false narratives linking immigration and crime. Vaughan has been interviewed by a paper run by a Holocaust denier, and in a 2014 radio interview she laughed as the host suggested that undocumented people in the U.S. should be “strapped into a parachute” and pushed out of cargo planes over their birth countries.

Quoting Vaughan, who is notorious for manipulating data and works for an organization founded by a eugenicist, when there are other credible expert organizations (e.g, the Cato Institute, Bipartisan Policy Center) is unacceptable. Tucson deserves better than the unquestioning publication of extremists masquerading as policy experts.

Bryna Koch


Letter writer paints with a too-wide brush

Re: the Sept. 2 letter “Why do Democrats hate white people?”

I am a white, male Democrat. Most of my family, friends and acquaintances are Democrats. I obviously don’t and, to my knowledge, none of my Democratic acquaintances hate ourselves because we are Caucasian, so I can’t relate to the claim of the letter writer that we “hate white people.” Given the writer’s erroneous, provocative generalizations aimed at Democrats, I wonder if he doesn’t hate white Democrats, you know, we folks having “white privilege.”

I assume that the writer is white. Don’t white Republicans enjoy “white privilege,” or is that restricted to Democrats? If not, no wonder he hates Democrats.

Denny Graham


Kudos to a soldier who saved an American flag

My mom and I were driving east on 22nd Street and were stopped at the traffic light on Pantano Road at about 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 26.

We noticed a soldier in his uniform walking west over the bridge looking for something. Perfect posture, cap on just right, focused on his mission to find whatever it was.

Suddenly, he hopped over the rail, bent down and picked up an American flag that had probably blown off someone’s vehicle.

He turned around and headed back to his car. No fanfare, just doing the “right thing” by properly caring for the flag that represents the nation that he has sworn to defend.

Mom and I rolled down the window and called out a “thank you.” He responded with a smile and a little tap to his cap.

We were blessed to observe this act of genuine humble service. We are grateful for our military and this gentleman represents it well.

Melinda Bobell