A letter writer, citing the United Kingdom’s Royal College of Physicians, says vaping remains safer than smoking and the solution to preventing vaping deaths lies in better government regulation.

Arizona’s governor is acting like a child

Re: the Oct. 3 article “Gov. Ducey calls federal judge ‘embarrassment’ to legal field.”

It’s one thing for Gov. Doug Ducey to be unhappy to have lost a court fight over his pet project at the hands of a seasoned federal judge. It’s entirely another for him to sound off like a petulant schoolyard bully with invective and disrespect. If he were a lawyer, his intemperate comments about Judge Neil Wake would be grounds for ethical discipline by the Arizona State Bar.

One can respectfully disagree without resorting to Ducey’s childish and inflammatory rhetoric. His is one more example of a poison that has infected the national political discourse, and which threatens the foundational functions of democracy by breeding public contempt for political and judicial functions.

Roy Andes, Esq.


I-19 closure

for Pence was a hassle

Seriously, hundreds of drivers were disrupted because of the closure of Interstate 19 during Vice President Mike Pence’s visit. It took over two and a half hours to get from Tucson to Green Valley. That is just ridiculous.

There was no Highway Patrol to help with traffic flow . It would have been nice to get a heads-up as to the freeway closure so we could have stayed home or changed our appointments. This was beyond disgusting.

Victoria Davis

Green Valley

Vaping is still safer than smoking

Eighteen Americans are dead from vaping-related illness, yet in the U.K., e-cigs are described by the Royal College of Physicians as “at least 95% less harmful” than tobacco cigarettes. The National Health Service continues to actively promote vaping as a healthier alternative for adult smokers, while in the U.S. state lawmakers are implementing complete bans.

The difference? The U.K. has stringent safety regulations in place to protect consumers. Advertising of e-cigarettes is already illegal. Americans are dealing with the aftermath of regulatory negligence stretching back decades: an epidemic of teen vaping and thousands sickened or dead after inhaling contaminants in unregulated e-liquids.

Moving forward, we must bear in mind that vaping remains far less dangerous than smoking, and that it poses no risk for bystanders. Banning e-cigarettes outright imperils the lives of smokers and countless others.

E-cigs must be regulated, not banned. Safe vaping saves lives.

Helen Schaffer

East side

What are Elias’ plans for sheriff’s deputies?

Re: the Oct. 4 guest opinion “Support Prop. 205 to make Tucson a ‘sanctuary city.’”

Mr. Richard Elias, who sits on the Pima County Board of Supervisors, is a big proponent of Prop. 205. In his op-ed, he supports a certain behavior by the city of Tucson’s police force.

I don’t disagree with his opinions, but I wonder how much effort he has made, or plans to make, to have the police force directly under his supervision adhere to the same rules.

Mr. Elias’ police force is, of course, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.

Charlie Rochman


Conservatives aren’t going to dump Trump

I’m sorry. I should be taking this impeachment stuff more seriously. I was an elected official and a staunch believer in a representative democracy. However, when I watch the Democrats pursue a “high crime and misdemeanor” du jour like their hair is on fire, I just just can’t. You lost an election. So did I. Get over it.

My fellow letter writers and most liberal pundits are now clutching at the last straw in demanding that we conservatives do something about it. Why? We have what we want: a booming economy, two new justices, secure borders, new trade deals (hopefully for Southern Arizona’s sake) and a refreshing pause in political correctness.

Liberals do not like Donald Trump the man. We like Donald Trump the president. Not being able to make the distinction seems to be the problem . If you want to get rid of him, we’re not going to help. You’re on your own.

Gary Stoeger

Northwest side

Make sure your voice is heard — vote

Re: the Oct. 6 column “Why and how we do election endorsements.”

It is discouraging to see the Arizona Daily Star candidate endorsements. The Star has been reporting the seriousness of an array of problems within the city of Tucson: unemployment and underemployment, poor road conditions, understaffing of the police and fire departments, increasing number of residents living at or below the poverty level, and the staggering rate of evictions. We are the fifth-poorest economy in the USA and we are the highest taxed county in the state.

Why would the Star endorse those who are directly responsible for these problems? We have the opportunity to have our voices heard. To do so, we must vote!

Jo Ann Sabbagh


Jobs are great, but it’d be nice if they paid

Re: the Oct. 5 article “Jobless rate in US drops to 50-year low despite a hiring dip.”

The unemployment rate is at 3.5%. Historically, that is a very low rate and, generally, everybody is working. That makes the economy look good. Yet, the rate of poverty is more than three times higher than that. And that works out to about 40 million people living in poverty during full employment.

That shows that working pay is not at a living wage. No one seems to connect those dots. So when will that connecting happen? We need to pay more attention to people working at levels below a living wage.

John Yoakum


Our troops deserve

best weapons available

Re: the Oct. 6 letter “Our society pays more for weapons than lessons.”

I was an engineer at Raytheon and worked on weapons. I am a pacifist at heart, except when all other means of resolving disputes are exhausted. Then why did I choose this line of work? Because our troops sent into harm’s way deserve the best chance of coming home alive. Weapons are the means for this to happen.

They do not choose where or when to fight. They go where they are told. This direction comes from our society through our politicians. If you believe otherwise, you are wrong. By the way, Raytheon does not make weapons of mass destruction.

Brian OCain


Thank God

for President Trump

God still loves America. She gave us President Trump. The unemployment rate is down for all groups: women, people of color, et cetera. GDP is higher now than in the previous eight years. Median income is rising. Thank you, God, for President Trump.

George Mayo

West side

It’s time for people to do their duty at ballot box

We the People have elected a crass, uncouth and egomaniacal president. He has repeatedly lied to the citizenry, made false accusations toward government institutions and elected officials, and has embarrassed our nation with inane and tactless comments and policies.

The members of Congress who refuse to condemn his actions are, I am sorry to say, simply cowards.

In refusing to confront the president’s abuse of power they are complicit in support of his actions and are unworthy of their positions of trust and leadership. We the people now have an obligation and duty to remove this president from office. We can do this by supporting the impeachment and the election processes.

Americans, do your duty.

Carl Foster

Green Valley