Republic Services Recycling Center

Financial losses in the city of Tucson’s recycling program are escalating sharply. As a result, officials say they might start sending glass and paper to the landfill.

Builders should abide by an appearance code

Re: the June 2 article “Lofts and apartments coming to eastern end of downtown Tucson.”

New loft apartments going up in the east part of downtown: My first thought? What a ghastly design! When will Tucson do what other cities have done, and require builders to abide by an aesthetic code. I was born and raised here, in a historic neighborhood. I grieve at the uglification of Tucson. It doesn’t cost a project much to add some design details to match or enhance the aesthetic of an area. Please.

One final thought: The article says the project has no parking for residents (unless I missed something). City officials, are you nuts? Shameful.

Kathy Corcoran

West side

Socialism’s results seen on Korean Peninsula

There’s no need to demonize socialism; we have only to look at its results. The more a country’s government interferes with the economy, the higher the unemployment, lower the wages, and greater the disparity between the rich and poor. We have only to look at the list of world economic freedom to see these facts. Or to see what happened to the richest country in South America, or the difference between North and South Korea. Socialism doesn’t work, and has never worked.

The goals of socialism are fine, but just ask anyone who has escaped it, and you’ll discover the realities. The economy cannot be controlled. The meeting point of the law of supply and demand cannot be known, because it is always shifting as millions of economic decisions are made daily. Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.

Al Westerfield

Southwest side

Go easy

on the Kool-Aid

When I read an Arizona Daily Star letter such as “Trump Loves America and Knows how to Negotiate,” I totally understand how 900 followed Jim Jones to an early and voluntary demise.

Yes, Donald Trump loves America so much that when his country called for military service, he fabricated a cowardly deferment and let others risk their lives. It was time to chase a buck.

Trump loves only Trump and the almighty dollar. If he loved his country, he would not summarily roll back environmental and wildlife protections. He would not install dolts to oversee the protection of our land and precious resources.

Negotiating skills? Yes, his brilliance has unilaterally relinquished our status as the leader of the free world as we careen headlong into recession.

Every Ranger sergeant in the three Ranger battalions in which I served over 30 years had more honor, loyalty and leadership than the current commander in chief.

Letter writers might best desist and let others think you’re ignorant than put pen to paper and remove all doubt.

William Ohl II


How to save space

in your blue bin

Now that Tucson will be doing twice a month recycling, your bin is going to fill up fast if you don’t recycle correctly. Save space as these items don’t belong in the recycling bin. Clothes, shoes and textiles can be donated to charities drop-off bins or brought in to the establishment.

Electronics and scrap metal: Save them up and take to a scrap yard and make a few dollars or put them out for Brush and Bulky pickup twice a year in the city. If the items still work, donate them.

Plastic bags can be dropped off at most grocery stores. Large cardboard or ridged plastic items can be dropped off at one of the neighborhood recycling centers with any other recyclables you could not fit in your bin. For household hazardous waste, the city of Tucson has a drop-off location once a month or take it to the main facility. Do your part: More blue, less trash.

Bill Brooks

East side

This guy is president?

Don’t read? Check. Don’t take advice? Check. Don’t remember what you did last year? Check. Make up weather warnings for Alabama? Check. And this guy is the president of the United States of America. Humph.

Jeff Rayner


Gun owners: Time

to become activists

San Francisco just deemed the National Rifle Association, and by association, its 6 million gun-owning members, as a “domestic terrorist group.” How pathetic. The NRA has given hundreds of thousands of gun safety classes and has a network of over 125,000 certified instructors across the country.

Walmart will cease selling handgun ammunition, a decision made days before the anti-gun Democrat group Guns Down America was to stage rallies at Walmarts across the country demanding they stop selling firearms. The intimidation worked!

Democrat presidential candidates are proposing mandatory gun buybacks. Well, it is now time for millions of law-abiding gun owners, who have now been demonized, along with their guns, to take up the “activist” tactics of the left. Flood congressional offices with emails and phone calls supporting the Second Amendment, march in the streets, do national boycotts of anti-gun retailers like Walmart, create a Twitter hashtag of “#stopthedemonization,” and disrupt Democrat congressional town halls as the leftist group Indivisible did to Republicans.

Alice Moreno

North side

Lucky to have known TPD Sgt. Froebe

Re: the September 5 article “Tucson police sergeant dies in Benson when his ultralight plane crashes.”

I’ve known Tim Froebe for many years. We taught together at the Tucson Police Academy in mobile field force tactics. He had a quick smile and a sure manner, as befitting a U.S. Marine colonel. He treated officers and the public with understanding and empathy. He was a good cop, a fine Marine, and a generous human being. I will miss him greatly, but then again, I was lucky and fortunate to have known the man at all.

Franklin Rau (retired Tucson police sergeant)

East side

An alternative to Romero

Some letter writers seem to think there is no alternative to Regina Romero for mayor. Ed Ackerly is running as an independent. Romero has many flaws, a strong Trump supporter as campaign chair and the half a million dollars in outside money, to name two. Rather than complain about Romero, look into her opponent and his plan for the future.

Nathaniel Felton

East side

TUSD should adopt new curriculum

I encourage TUSD Governing Board members to adopt the proposed new Family Life Curriculum. The purpose of a Family Life Curriculum is to prepare students to become informed, safe, responsible adults. Unfortunately, the current curriculum falls short on many accounts. Most problematic, from my perspective as an educator and a queer person, is the damage that the present curriculum has caused the LGBTQ community by rendering us invisible and unworthy.

Generations of LGBTQ students and students who come from LGBTQ families have suffered from the oppressive school environment that the current curriculum has created. However, the board can correct this situation by adopting the new Family Life Curriculum that promotes positive self-esteem, responsible decision-making, and personal safety for all students.

Kristin Gunckel


Hurricane aid?

Don’t be silly

Sorry, Bahamas. A wall is evidently much more important.

Cliff Crutchfield

Oro Valley