Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Shady deal explains Russia favoritism

If you wondered why Mitch McConnell refused to bring bipartisan legislation concerning protection of our elections from Russian interference to the Senate floor and additionally helped eliminate certain Russian sanctions, we now may know why. A Russian oligarch cohort of Putin has pledged a majority investment in a $200 million aluminum production plant in his home state of Kentucky.

We now have the Senate majority leader beholden to a Russian billionaire, our president siding with Putin in his denial of election interference (contrary to his own intelligence service) and Attorney General Barr dragging his feet on the same subject (contrary to his FBI conclusions). This troika, by their actions, are favoring a country which poses a grave danger to our elections, hence our democracy.

If our electorate is so politically blind that they pay no heed, then God help the future of the United States of America.

John Kuisti

West side

Disappointed in Ducey for backing auto fee hike

Re: the Feb. 12 article “Senate again bucks Ducey over auto fee.”

I know you wrote this awhile ago, but many people who paid for five years are going to be just getting the news when they go to reregister their vehicles. I can’t believe the Republican governor would do this. I have tried and tried to write him, about lots of things, but never a response. Sure he is a Republican?

Barry Johnson

West side

Perilous precedent

set by president

Israel has every right to deny entry to anyone, including two elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives. I don’t agree with their decision, given the amount of aid Israel receives, but, as a sovereign nation, that’s its call.

What is truly deplorable is the president of the United States suggested Israel should ban the two members of Congress. The president taking sides, internationally, against duly elected congresswomen, really. More deplorable are those Americans, who find the president’s actions acceptable, be they average citizens or members of Congress.

If you condone Trump’s actions, congratulations! You earned the description: Deplorable!

Norman Patten


Would evangelicals now turn away Joseph, Mary?

Michael Gerson wrote that many evangelicals have now abandoned the Gospel for those who are oppressed or subject to violence and threats, causing them seeking asylum. The column reports that only 25% of white evangelicals believe the U.S. has a responsibility to help refugees, versus 65% of those religiously unaffiliated.

To my evangelical friends, recall Joseph and Mary fled oppression (as were many others) to save their child. Would you have not fled the violence wrought by Herod? Would you have helped Mary and Joseph?

Looking into our own DNA ancestry, it becomes clear we are all descendants of refugees. In my case, a descendant of slavery, the Irish famine, the French-English War, Viking raids, and heaven knows what else. Until we understand history, we are doomed to repeat it. And compassion for those oppressed helps us reduce the genetic and social legacy of trauma and violence.

Dennis Embry


Democrats hone

utopian platform

Re: the Aug. 18 letter “Republicans, why vote for ’em?”

The writer asks why anyone would vote for a Republican, using arrests for corruption as an argument. I will propose that arrests are coming for Hillary Clinton and others but I cannot predict the future, I would suggest that the Marxist utopian bubble occupied by so much of the Democrat base should be considered. Does the writer believe that the earth has only 12 years before the climate incinerates us? Is the Green New Deal realistic? Does “Medicare for All” as proposed by an alleged “doctor” in your columns last week, really pencil out as realistic?

Utopia was a fiction, not a political platform.

Michael Kennedy, M.D.


Defend electoral system from foreign attack

The last Arizona legislative session was marked by numerous efforts by Republicans to “protect the integrity” of Arizona’s electoral system by limiting access to voting. I contacted my legislator, Mark Finchem (LD11), to ask for statistics on voter fraud. He provided information showing that, since 2010, there have been 21 convictions/plea agreements mostly for dual voting.

In 2010 over 1.7 million ballots were cast in Arizona; in 2016 over 2.5 million votes. Twenty-one cases out of millions of votes shows that Arizona does not have a voter fraud problem.

But Arizona’s voting system, like the rest of the country’s, is highly vulnerable to being attacked by agents of Russia, China and Iran. This is not a partisan issue. Regardless of party or ideology we all want our electoral system to be fair and accurate. Contact your representative and ask them to address the real danger, not one that barely exists.

Eileen Hollowell

Oro Valley

Popularity’s got

nothing to do with it

An elected member of our U.S. Congress recently said assault weapons can’t be banned because of their popularity. So? Prostitution and heroin are also popular among some folks.

Albert Cox

Southeast side


the new figment

The day Trump won the election, newspapers, magazines, talking heads and pundits started beating the drum about Russian intervention and the “collusion” of the Trump campaign with Russia. For 2½ years it was a daily assault on Trump, the campaign and anyone associated with it. Russia, Russia Russia, over and over again, until finally the majority of Americans were convinced that Trump colluded with Russians to steal the election. But after the $25 million investigation Donald Trump is still president.

He must be defeated. But how?

The economy! Instead of the truth about the economy, we hear recession, recession, recession. We are heading for the worst recession in our history. How do I know? Because I hear it every day. I read it every day. It is drummed into my brain, therefore it must be true. Just like the Trump collusion.

Eldon Housley


Outside money

gives Romero a win

As we live in Oro Valley, we didn’t have a vote in the mayoral primary election, but I wish we did. It is sad that an extreme such as Regina Romero will become our next mayor. Since moving here 16 years ago, Tucson has had some pretty good mayors, Bob Walkup and Jonathan Rothschild. I have seen Romero in action during city council meeting numerous times, she is out of touch with most of Tucson and is very divisive. The reason she won? Over half a million dollars of outside money, something the Daily Star barely mentioned, this should have been front page news. Steve Farley only had less than $30,000 of outside money. What a shame Tucson. All I can say is good luck, you’ll need it!

Helge Carson

Oro Valley

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