President Trump rallied supporters in Lexington, Kentucky, on Monday.

The following column is the opinion and analysis of the writer.

A very good refutation of the position of GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy was published Monday in the Arizona Daily Star’s letters to the editor under the headline “Fruit of poisonous tree argument unfounded.” The letter was well-researched and stated the case made against the argument that any investigation is spoiled by the whistleblower or the way the House committees have conducted the investigation. The House investigation would not be needed if the Department of Justice was doing the work of the people rather than Trump’s.

The real question to me is; What is the fruit? Is it the Supreme Court seats that have been awarded by Trump? Is it the theft of our obligated and allocated monies to the military that have been directed to the farce wall? Is it the pillaging of our protections against the plunder of our environment? Is it the divisiveness we feel as diverse American citizens?

The real poisonous tree is the fact that the Russians interfered with the election of 2016 in favor of Trump. Many people will never read the evidence provided by the Mueller investigation. Many others would not accept the findings even if they did read it. Trump has realized what all of the facts add up to in relation to his legitimacy as president. He knows that without the help of the Russians he would not be in office. This is the reason he is fighting every attempt to find facts in every investigation, and there are many more than any other president has faced.

His supporters will claim he is being persecuted. No! He is being investigated for the many questionable acts he, his family and associates are purported to have committed. This is not partisan politics; it is investigation of a wide variety of crimes. There are reasons for this statement. The primary reason is that we have never had a president that had no moral center nor any sense of self-control.

Trump and allies claim the impeachment inquiry is an attempt to reverse the vote of 2016. I wish that were possible. I wish that we could simply impeach him and all of the harm he has wreaked on our civilization could be erased. It will take many long years to reverse the damage done. While it will be a difficult and lengthy process, the alternative is following the well worn path of nationalism, international or world wars.

The fruit of the poisonous tree has already been eaten. We and the rest of the world are more threatened by tyrants and bullies than before his being “chosen” to lead our country.

Jeff Rayner is a retired rocket engineer who lives in SaddleBrooke.