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Local Opinion: Laugh or cry as Fox News website downplays Jan. 6?

Local Opinion: Laugh or cry as Fox News website downplays Jan. 6?

The following is the opinion and analysis of the writer:

I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. One year after the Jan. 6, 2021, attempt to overturn the United States’ free and fair election of Joe Biden as president, decided that anniversary wasn’t newsworthy.

Every other media organization I saw — left, center and right — gave top billing to President Biden’s anniversary speech and his unequivocal pointing the finger at Donald Trump.

The New York Times: “Biden Condemns Trump’s ‘Web of Lies’”

Washington Post: “Biden blasts Trump on Jan. 6 anniversary”

USA Today: “Biden Blasts Trump”

NPR: “Biden delivers blistering condemnation of Trump”

Wall Street Journal: “Biden Assails Trump Over Jan. 6 Riot.”

However, if you were among the millions of Americans who get their daily dose from, you barely even knew it happened. Their top story throughout Jan. 6 was Vice President Kamala Harris. In the morning, they offered disparaging comments about her introductory speech. By midday, they switched to a headline about her office staff turnover.

Really? A recycled story about staffing in the veep’s office for Jan. 6?

I laughed. The contortions Fox had gone through to ignore Biden’s speech were so glaringly obvious they seemed downright funny — at first. Not only was Kamala their lead story, it was followed by items about COVID advisers, MSNBC anchors, teachers’ unions, and a fired sports figure. Eventually, if you scrolled down long enough, you got to: “Groups hold candlelight vigil on one-year mark of Capital riot,” “Pence does not join in on Democrats’ Capitol riot events,” and “Former president responds to Biden’s sharp criticism in Capitol riot speech.”

As a graduate of a communications college that required an Ethics in Media course to graduate, it made me sick that is the primary source of information for millions of Americans. The Fox website admits it’s not a news organization in its terms of use: “Fox has created this Site for your personal enjoyment, entertainment and education.” Apparently the folks at feel that offering up our democracy as “Survivor”-styled reality show is “enjoyment” and “entertainment.” Is it any wonder we’re struggling with a divided country? It makes me want to cry.

I wish I could tell the users of they’ve been duped into thinking they’re getting real news. I wish they would act on the part of FoxNews’ terms of use that say: “Please read these Terms of Use carefully and save them. If you do not agree with them, you should leave this Site immediately.”

Thea Chalow is an Emmy Award-winning news and documentary television producer who is retired in her adopted home of Oro Valley.

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