Monica Yelin

Monica Yelin

The following column is the opinion and analysis of the writer.

For millions of Latinos like myself, immigration policy is personal. I came to America in 1998 from Colombia, hoping to capture this nation’s most coveted good. Unlike the trillions of dollars’ worth of commerce that flows through this country and to our trading partners, the American dream cannot be exported. I was lucky enough to grasp the American dream, like millions before me and, hopefully, millions after me.

This week, I attended Trump Victory Leadership Initiative Training alongside “Latinos for Trump.” As a member of the Latinos for Trump advisory board, it’s a distinct honor to advocate on behalf of President Trump’s policies that have fostered a booming economy for millions of lawful immigrants. Four more years means continued prosperity for those who wish to follow a lawful process.

Ahead of the 2020 election, immigration has been brought to the center of our national discussion. The Latino community wants to see reform of a broken system; a system that other Arizonans and I have experienced. President Trump sees the flaws of an antiquated immigration system and has simply called on Congress to pass legislation that encourages legal entry into our country, while closing loopholes.

Rather than work in good faith, Democrats have doubled down on their rhetoric and obstructed President Trump’s administration at every turn. Instead of helping secure our borders, Democrats called it a “manufactured crisis” and voted against additional funds to help with the humanitarian crisis. Democrats who voted “no” are now condemning lawful detention centers and demonizing our brave border patrol agents.

President Trump had to strike a deal with the president of Mexico due to inaction from Democrats. The deal made by both leaders helped drop June border apprehensions to 94,897 from 132,880 in May.

Arizona’s Latino community sees how disingenuous Democrats have become. The discussions I’ve had with residents of Maricopa County are increasingly in support of President Trump’s policies.

Thanks to President Trump, Latino communities are key beneficiaries of today’s historic economy. The national unemployment rate is at 3.6 percent — it’s lowest level since 1969 — and the Hispanic unemployment rate sits at a historic low of 4.2 percent. Increasing optimism in Arizona’s economic outlook is tangible in our communities. Latino entrepreneurs feel empowered in this environment and are contributing to the national economy.

In fact, there are 4.4 million Hispanic-owned businesses that contribute over $700 billion to the U.S. economy.

According to the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, our ethnic group is experiencing the largest share of homeownership for the first time. In Arizona, and nationwide, our friends and family are thriving, creating jobs and providing for themselves and their families.

Despite what you hear on TV, President Trump has helped all Americans and given us an economy that promises unparalleled opportunity — a shot at the American dream.

As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to revive the American economy and was met with skepticism. Many claimed that his commitment to American workers was simply impossible. Time and time again, President Trump has proven everyone wrong and delivered for the American people.

Coming to America was the greatest decision of my life. I’ve learned the language and embraced American culture without losing sense of my first home, Colombia. Thanks to the blessings of America, I have gained a world class education and had the opportunity to grow and prosper in my community. While I treasure my background, I acknowledge that my story can apply to millions of other immigrants who have yet to come to America.

We are united in our love of this country and all that is possible through hard work, faith, and a desire to succeed.

My support for President Trump is born out of my experience with a broken system, conservative values and genuine hope that a new generation of immigrants can experience the same blessings I have enjoyed.

Monica Yelin is a member-at-large of the Maricopa County GOP, A small-business owner and sits on the national “Latinos for Trump” coalition board.