Raymond Trombino: Impeachment will be remembered as a sham perpetrated by Democrats

Raymond Trombino: Impeachment will be remembered as a sham perpetrated by Democrats

Raymond Trombino

The following is the opinion and analysis of the author.

The impeachment trial is now, for all practical purposes, over. The Democrats lost. There is no way that they can get a two-thirds majority to remove the president. However, they are going to continue with their lies to use impeachment for the 2020 election.

Lie No. 1: There were no witnesses. During the House impeachment hearings, the Democrats had 18 witnesses. The Republicans had none, unless you count Constitutional legal scholar and expert witness Jonathan Turley, in which case they had one.

House Democrats refused to let the Republicans call witnesses they wanted, then demanded that the Senate allow Democrats to call witnesses.

If the rules for the House were good enough for Democrats, expect that it would backfire in the Senate.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said they had to rush the impeachment hearings for the sake of our democracy. Yet, once the articles were passed by the House, she held them for weeks before sending them to the Senate.

What happened to the urgency? She wanted to have the Senate meet her demands. Unfortunately for her, our system of checks and balances prevented her from having any influence. However, Sen. Chuck Schumer decided to be her stand-in.

Now that the Democrats have lost their gamble, we are going to hear that acquittal isn’t exoneration, that the acquittal is in name only, that the Republicans are working together on a cover-up, and other lies.

I think the Democrats and the media began planning for impeachment even before President Trump took the oath of office, and executed the plans as soon as they took control of the House. Their first gambit was the Russian collusion hoax. When that blew up, they tried Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenetti and any other distraction. Finally, the “whistleblower” came up with the answer for impeachment.

Under the Constitution, an accused has the right to confront his (or her) accuser. However, the Democrats and the deep state have protected this individual for fear of exposing his or her political biases and possible contacts with congressional staff.

My prediction is that history will remember this sham impeachment as one of the worst times in our history, where a political party abused the power of the majority to try to overturn an election which they’d lost.

Raymond Trombino is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel who spent 36 years working for the Defense Department and is a member American Mensa.

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