Over the years I have expressed my views on a variety of issues in a number of publications. On July 5th the Arizona Daily Star published my article about the Oro Valley Town Council being an example of effective government. I wrote that editorial/opinion in the tradition of a homily. Three years ago, following fact-based essays published in the Explorer Newspaper, I received a threatening phone call and emails intended to intimidate. One individual gave me a piece of his mind by emptying bags of excrement at the base of my mail box. Such are the risks associated with engaging in public discourse. In spite of that, making distinctions is essential.To an extent, I admire the temerity of those who seek public office — the exception being candidates who have little to offer.

There is more to governing than arbitrary cuts and rehashing settled matters that have been revisited and affirmed by the electorate. Woefully uninformed candidates who conjure what they think voters want to hear do not elevate the electoral process. The self-proclaimed people’s candidate quit the race in 2015 and blamed others for his shortcomings.

Don’t let slogans supersede the record of Mayor Satish Hiremath, who understands what it is to govern.

Our mayor has established genuine relationships with the people of Oro Valley. He has earned the respect and trust of his colleagues.

This election matters. It is important that you vote for him. Elect Mayor Hiremath to a third term because you value his experience, integrity and devotion to public service. The extraordinary services sustained by relatively low taxes stem directly from the leadership of Mayor Hiremath.

Even so, supporters of the opposition have said Mayor Hiremath is not one of us. A resident exclaimed that he is a “chocolate mayor.” Naysayers have made scandalous accusations that would rise to the level of slander and libel, if public figures enjoyed the same lawful protections as the general population.

With impunity and no foundation in fact, some declare that the incumbents have lined their pockets with payoffs from developers. Such falsehoods do not apply to the selfless public officials serving our community.

Mayor Hiremath does not accept a salary. That money is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating milestones in the lives of Oro Valley employees.

Mayor Hiremath is doing an honest and first-rate job of governing. He is leading the way to establish a comprehensive local economy that is strong and sustainable. Having been elected in 2010, 2014 and winning a majority of the votes cast in the recall election of 2015, Mayor Hiremath has carried out plans approved by the community and ended each fiscal year with surpluses. His record of accomplishment merits your support. Be a citizen for Oro Valley by voting to keep the mayor and council members in office and on the job.

Oro Valley is prospering because the Town Council has established good practices and is dedicated to securing a safe environment. The incumbents put a stop to deficit spending in the early days of their first term in office.

Those who oppose them espouse positions that are both penny and pound foolish. The Town Council is fiscally responsible. Its members are personally, professionally and politically accountable. You can and will make the difference by voting to affirm their proven leadership and ongoing record of accomplishment.

The Rev. James Briney is an Oro Valley resident and voter. He served as the assistant to Mayor Richard G. Lugar.