Sarah Gassen: Join Star's Opinion staff, sports editor for online chat today
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Sarah Gassen: Join Star's Opinion staff, sports editor for online chat today

A friend emailed me a few weeks back in response to a column I wrote on staying home during the pandemic. It was before Gov. Doug Ducey issued the stay-home order.

My friend remarked on the changes he’d noticed, and how he envied those of us who are working from home. Being retired, he noted, meant he had nowhere he needed to be, even virtually, or regular tasks to keep him occupied during the isolation.

And, he wrote, you can’t even “watch the game” on TV to fill the time, because there aren’t any new games to watch.

Now, I’m not a sports person (unless the Cardinals are in the World Series, and then my St. Louis roots kick in) but this strange time we’re in must be a struggle for fans — not to mention the journalists covering sports.

How do they do it?

I don’t have the answer, but join us for our Reader Chat at 2 p.m. today and you’ll hear directly from the man who does, Star Sports Editor Ryan Finley, who is our special guest this week.

If you’d like to participate in the chat, please send me an email before we begin at and I’ll send you an invitation with the proper Zoom link to join the call.

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