Saguaro National Park

The sun sets over the Saguaro National Park East (Rincon Mountain District) in 2015. Let's see this scene filmed in New Mexico

Welcome to the editorial page podcast for Friday, Aug. 11.

Join the Arizona Daily Star’s editorial page team — editor Sarah Garrecht Gassen, cartoonist David Fitzsimmons and editorial writer Luis Carrasco — as they talk about politics, the news of the week, letters to the editor and whatever else strikes their fancy.

This week's episode includes:

0:40 - 05:05 - Discussion on the Star's editorial on NAFTA.

05:07 - 08:22 - Why Tom Tronsdal was endorsed by the Star for the Ward 3 Democratic primary (no matter how well Felicia Chew can sing).

08:23 - 11:24 - Fitz's favorite cartoon of the week and how he comes up with ideas.

11:25 - 15:25 - What are our letter writers talking about this week, with a shoutout to the Fourth Avenue Rainbow Crosswalk and Lisa Frank.

15:27 - 19:50 - Letter writer of the week Rosalie Wright reads one of her letters to the editor and talks about why she thinks President Trump is doing a good job.

19:55 - 22:50 - Fitz's Drama Corner brings another piece of "fan" mail to life.

22:55 - 27:11 - What are we reading, watching or playing this week, that we think you should too.

27:13 - 31:00 - What's coming up in the Sunday editorial and Sarah's Sunday column.