The Star’s Editorial Board endorses candidates and ballot propositions that we conclude, after much research and discussion, are the best option.

The following are our endorsements in the upcoming Tucson city election. Ballots will be mailed Thursday, Oct. 10, and election day is Tuesday, Nov. 5

We make endorsements because voters are busy, and we view it as a community service.

The Star’s news reporters don’t weigh in on the Editorial Board’s endorsements (or other opinion content), and we on the opinion side don’t weigh in on news coverage.

Advertisers do not get a voice in the Star’s endorsements, nor in our news coverage.

The Editorial Board includes: President and Publisher John D’Orlando, Star editor Jill Jorden Spitz, Opinion editor Sarah Garrecht Gassen and opinion writer Edward Celaya. Cartoonist David Fitzsimmons is not part of the board.

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