Episode 31: An apple for teachers

This week, a look at early childhood education, the likelihood of teachers striking, and Trump's troubles.

00:30 - Early childhood education forum.

05:20 - A few voices from the forum.

09:00 - Will teachers strike? Should they?

19:20 - Fitz's letter(s) of the week.

20:50 - Shameless plug for our live episode recording at The Loft.

21:40 - Readers are not happy about the "abortion questionnaire" bill.

23:35 - The FBI's raid on the office of Trump's lawyer.

26:35 - Less than a minute on Paul Ryan.

27:20 - Our groovy recommendations for the week

Fitz will be at the Museum of Contemporary Art gala.

Luis touts the UA's Workers' Rights Clinic and the documentary "The Cleaners."

Sarah's series of prison and prison-related podcasts continues with "Caught."

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