Clockwise: Vail Associate Superintendent John Carruth and Cottonwood Elementary School fifth-grade teacher Samantha Frantz, Sen. Al Franken, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, Santa Claus.

Episode 17: Little Pink Houses

This week, editorial page editor Sarah Garrecht Gassen, cartoonist David Fitzsimmons and editorial writer Luis Carrasco talk about Vail's tiny homes for teachers, sexual harassment in politics, Fitz's fans and bringing Christmas back.

Listen and check out the show notes below.

1:20 - The Vail school district is considering providing tiny houses for their teachers, which shouldn't be necessary but are.

9:00 - Republicans and Democrats are taking a different approach to accusations of sexual misconduct.

16:40 - What about Bill Clinton?

18:54 - Fitz's favorite cartoon of the week.

19:25 - Reader responses, as dramatized by Fitz.

21:05 - What's going on the letters page this week?

22:54 - A letter about the "war" on Christmas, poorly dramatized by Luis.

23:54 - Christmas and other holidays.

27:06 - Our groovy recommendations for the week:

Luis is playing the board game "Secret Hitler."

Fitz is taking part in the celebration of the Presidio's Living History Luminaria Night.

Sarah is grading final exams... yay(?)

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