Clockwise: Signs paid for by the Pima County Republican Party, the red panda at the Reid Park Zoo, newly elected Ward 3 councilman Paul Durham, re-elected Ward 6 councilman Steve Kozachik and new Star president and publisher John D'Orlando.

Welcome to The Point Being podcast for the week of Nov. 10

John D'Orlando, new Daily Star president and publisher, joins us this week to talk about his experience so far in Tucson. We also talk about election results and gun control.

Listen and check out the show notes below.

1:00 - Meet John D'Orlando, the Star's new president and publisher

25:30 - How did the Star's endorsements stack up with the will of the voters?

25:53 - Prop. 204, Strong Start Tucson. It was a flawed proposition but it doesn't mean its goal should be abandoned.

29:27 - Props. 202 and 203. Funding for Reid Park Zoo.

31:27 - Steve Kozachik wins Ward 6.

32:00 - Democrat Paul Durham beat Independent candidate Gary Watson. How hard is it for someone who's not a Democrat to win in Tucson?

34:50 - Fitz's cartoon of the week and reader response.

37:42 - Sarah reminisces about the quirks of Oro Valley politics.

39:00 - What readers are talking about in the letters to the editor, including the propositions and the gun violence in Texas.

41:30 - Our groovy recommendations for the week:

David shamelessly plugs his new calendar for 2018 -- now with all 12 months!

A story about the death penalty prompts Luis to recommend the 1994 film "Amateur."

Thanks for listening!