Episode 33: The end is the beginning

This week, the Red For Ed movement, teacher raises and budget woes.

Opening: Gov. Doug Ducey signs the teacher raises into the budget.

1:15 - All about the teacher walkout and Ducey's plan.

7:15 - Initiative to raise taxes on the wealthy to help pay for education.

10:50 - TUSD homeowners get the short end of the stick in the budget. 

15:20 - Snowflake Luis found letters against the teachers upsetting.

21:45 - Get to know a teacher.

24:38 - Fitz's letter(s) of the week.

28:00 - Groovy recommendations.

Fitz will be enjoying "Keep the Change" at The Loft.

Luis suggests you check out Bill Hader in "Barry" on HBO.

Sarah is taking some time off to go on a genealogy adventure.

Thank you for listening!

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