Host Edward Celaya welcomes our special guest, Daily Star Education Reporter Danyelle Khmara, to talk about the state of Southern Arizona's public school districts and their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have a story tip or would like to contact Danyelle with information regarding Southern Arizona schools, please reach out to her by email at: Notes: 1:10 - Discussion on TUSD Superintendent Gabe Trjuillo and others reticence to close schools initially, and their rational 3:40 - Remote learning and the sometimes steep but sometimes well trodden curve teachers and districts are experiencing 6:35 - Issues of education infrastructure not relegated to Tucson or Pima County 10:00 - List of resources for students and parents looking for food distribution: 10:45 - The affect on teachers and staff, including issues of pay 12:50 - Substitute teachers and if they are being retained 14:00 - How are students coping with missing or delaying prom/graduation? 16:20 - The year everyone will miss, but no one will forget 17:00 - How's Danyelle and her teen son holding up?