History: New owners took over in February at the restaurant, formerly known as Pho 88. The site was placed on probation Oct. 22 and failed a Nov. 1 follow-up inspection.

What the inspector saw: Rice, noodles, broth and raw eggs stored at unsafe temperatures; two cooks put gloves on over unwashed hands to handle food; kitchen hand-washing sink blocked and inaccessible; two bottles of cleaning products were stored with their spray nozzles over a bowl of cooked pork; no use-by dates on stored food; wok and other cookware stored on kitchen floor; back door was propped open without a screen; person in charge was not familiar with basic food safety practices; manager not certified in food protection management; no food thermometer.

Follow-up: The site is awaiting a second re-inspection.

Comments: New owner Joe Jimenez said he’s had a steep learning curve and has made many improvements. He said the restaurant sells out almost daily, a sign food quality has not been affected.