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Russell Public Communications


6890 E. Sunrise Drive
Tucson, AZ 85750
Last Updated: November 2, 2018


About Russell Public Communications


Public Relations. Public Affairs. Public Policy. Public Engagement. Public Good.
Russell Public is an award-winning strategic communications agency that works with organizations committed to making an exponential difference in the lives of others.


For organizations seeking customized, creative, and cost-effective public relations and public affairs campaigns, Russell Public is an ideal partner.

The agency’s principals have crafted award-winning national communications campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations, government agencies, medical technology and life sciences firms, and individual industry opinion leaders. Skilled in media relations, messaging, and business and consumer communications, we routinely exceed client expectations in showcasing products, services, and causes across all communications platforms.

From network news to the blogosphere, the New York Times to movie screens, Politico and The Hill to the TODAY show – our team employs the most effective channels to break through the clutter and positively impact target audiences.

Our Tucson and D.C. executives are experienced Washington insiders, having held senior congressional staff positions, worked extensively with Democratic and Republican administrations, and lobbied successfully for a wide range of interests. We have arranged Oval Office visits, congressional testimony, National Press Club briefings, commissioner meetings at the FTC and FCC, and more. Our Washington presence and expertise allows us to amplify client messages in congressional forums, White House and federal agency programs, and among the many trade, professional, and consumer groups headquartered or represented in the D.C. area. We also actively monitor and impact public policy debates to protect and promote client interests through direct interaction with congressional, administration, and agency principals and staff.

Russell Public principals are veteran C-suite counselors as well, sensitive to how client positions are perceived by the investment community, the media, and the general public. We bring insightful analysis and tireless commitment to strategic planning and crisis management, often working in sync with our clients’ IR and marketing teams.