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Last Updated: August 28, 2018


Group Training at Reid Park

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Operating since: 1984

Group Training at Reid Park - Private Sessions at your home, at your convenience

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Welcome to Tucson Dog Trainers, Centurion Kennels. We provide the finest and most successful professional dog training services anywhere in the United States.

From family dog obedience to professional dog training for security or police work, I have a very long list of accomplished clients and their dogs of all breeds. They have all found great joy in succeeding through my program and having the dog they always wanted – a safe, well behaved dog that knows and respects its home or other environments.

Experience and expertise is the difference when hiring a professional dog trainer in Tucson and southern Arizona. I look forward to speaking with you about your current goals.

John ” the dog trainer ”


John D Sainz is the CEO and training Instructor for Centurion Kennels. John has been training family dogs and police dogs since 1984. John is now retired from the Tucson Police Department, having a 32 year police career. John was a member of the TPD Service Dog Unit in 1986, and has traveled across the United States and trained with the leading dog trainers over the last three decades.

John is a certified instructor who has the experience and expertise in developing you and your dog into an effective and successful relationship. John will teach you the art and skill of developing and handling your dog.

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