The Vivace/Pizzeria Vivace duo (by chef Daniel Scordato) has exited long-time digs in St. Philip’s Plaza. Vivace is now nestled in the north foothills while Pizzeria Vivace re-emerged as Scordato’s Pizzeria on Stone at River (just north of Tucson Mall).

Scordato’s is all about the pizza pie. There are other tasteful entrees, but here pizza reigns. This is neither the heralded Chicago deep dish nor the famous New York style. It would be a challenge to fold this crisp and relatively light pie. I’ll describe it as Tuscan style that’s baked at a very high temperature. Looks thick but airy with a firm edge. These folks put out a 12-inch (big enough for two) that is oven-fired with a singe around the edges. And all the pies we’ve seen are loaded with fresh toppings.

You’ll find several ingredient combinations on the menu, but toppings can be mixed and matched to the customer’s tastes. My first order was the arugula, three cheeses, fresh tomatoes and prosciutto. The thinly sliced meat completely covered the pie on top of the other ingredients. Abbondanza! We also sampled the eggplant Parmesan. That was a light entrée (very tender) and served in a nice Marinara. Then there was the mushroom, onion and sausage 12-inch pie. The Italian sausage was very savory and authentic. The mushrooms were plentiful, plump and fresh.

The venue is clean and airy, and noticeably noisy on busy weekend nights. But as we experience in many good eateries, very few are quiet these days. The main dining area is divided with a low partition. Seems like the best seats are along the windows; sorry, no romantic views.

The wait staff is helpful, knowledgeable and attentive. A more intimate bar area is situated near the entry along with a few high top tables. Full bar service is available. Diners will find a variety of bottled and draft brews. Wines are “by the glass.”

Menu choices are limited. But what Scordato’s does offer is quality and consistency. Pizza prices range from $13.95 to $17.50. Other menu items (including stuffed red pepper, shrimp and pasta, pork tenderloin) range from $9.95 to $16.95.

The pizzeria is located at 4911 North Stone. A complete menu (lunch and dinner) and other details can be found at:

I would be remiss at not mentioning a very special dessert item that we really enjoy. It is called Scordato’s affogato. It arrives in a sizable bowl (perfect for sharing) and consists of a large helping of white chocolate gelato. The gelato is doused with freshly brewed espresso and then covered in whipped cream. Molto bene!

(This article first appeared in the Saddlebag Notes print edition August 2016.)