It is not everyone that can boast that they have the "Best and Oldest" Mother-in-law!

My Mother-in-law, Lorine Metz will be turning 101-years-old in a few weeks. She is the oldest and healthiest person in her town of 2,200 people in Mason, Texas (part of the Hill Country).

She has just published a 210-page paperback book of her life's antidotes and synopsis of her life. It is called, "My First 100 Years" and is available on Amazon. It is a fascinating tale of the many adventures of her family living on a farm during the Depression, and how her relationship with her sister, Doris who will be 96 very soon, grew over the years.

Her story tells of the many encounters with people all over the world who she was so willing to help in any way, and how her generosity always turned around and rewarded her for her kindness.

Maybe her secret for having such a long and healthy life is her positive attitude towards everything. Her father's words are how Lorine lives every day. He said, "Every day will not be perfect, but you can change it. Your day is what you make it, so smile and everyone smiles with you. Cry and you will cry alone!"

Everyone who meets Lorine always leaves with a smile!

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