We may want a change in scenery.

The Mountainview Bridge club will have its first bridge game on Tuesday, May 25 at 1 p.m. in Mountainview’s Catalina Room. Mask wearing will be optional. For further information, contact club president JoAnn Aiken, at (520) 818-1727, or email jotax123@aol.com. You can also visit our website. Go to www.bridgewebs.com/mountainview.

Taking a break from bridge, some of us may travel to visit family and friends or go to foreign destinations for a change of scenery, once restrictions are lifted.

Many of us will continue to play bridge online for a while and will have challenging opponents who make us think of different strategies, especially playing Speedball or ACBL pairs.

Local clubs will continue to have games online, too.

As always, the Bridge Bulletin has helpful advice.

Larry Cohen discussed responding to partner after opponent overcalls. He says, “If partner opens one club, one diamond or one heart and opponent bids one spade, you should pass with less than eight points, double showing other suits, bid one NT with six to 10 balanced with spades stopped, bid two of partner’s suit with six to 10.” He also says, “if you jump in partner’s suit, that would be preemptive with a weak hand.”

If you have at least 10 hcps, and support for partner, cue bid the opponent’s suit…

Cohen goes on to describe bidding over a one NT overcall. He says a new suit is natural and a raise in partner’s suit is also natural.

That type of bidding is good to review with your partner to make sure you both agree.

Mike Lawrence gave advice on balancing. He said, “Be careful when you’re vulnerable. A perfect balancing hand is one where you have a singleton in the opponent’s suit.” His final comments, “When you are making a call or play, never show weakness. . . . Whatever you are doing, do it without showing you are nervous about it. A positive attitude at the table is the best approach.”

Of course, if you’re playing online, no one sees you.

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