The Stated Patrol Mission

Provide SaddleBrooke One with highest quality 24/7 coverage for the Association’s and resident’s property through patrols, providing assistance when needed and clearly communicated enforcement of the Association Rules and Regulations in a courteous, friendly and fiscally responsible manner.

Okay, that’s nice, but it’s pretty general, so let’s look at the specifics:

Daily Routine

The Patrol Officer on duty opens facilities in the morning, does vacation checks of five to 25 homes, depending on the season, makes a bank run for Administration and a fuel run for the Patrol vehicle.

The Officer relocates the mobile speed boards and the two speed cones to areas noted as having a speeding problem. The Patrol Officer responds to issues concerns and questions from residents and employees as they arise.

The Officer will also check on the Main Pool during the hours children are allowed to be in the pool to ensure their safety and conducts up to four or five “Traffic Stations” where speed and stop signs are monitored for potential violations. Additionally, the Patrol ensures that golf course rules are followed by all walkers on the courses.

The HOA #1 Board of Directors has tasked the Patrol with enforcement of the Homeowners’ Rules and Regulations. So, the Patrol does not make the rules, just enforces them. And this is just a minor part of the Patrol’s responsibilities.

The main function of the Patrol is to provide safety and security for the residents, guests, renters, and employees of HOA #1 When Patrol is not completing the tasks and activities described above it is cruising the neighborhoods looking for unusual activity, problems, or residents in need of assistance.

Then, there are the special activities and functions the Patrol provides. Recently, during the COVID-19 vaccination events, Patrol Officers provided traffic control, ensuring safe arrival of all those obtaining the vaccination, support in the waiting areas following vaccination and safe exit from the vaccination area. Traffic control is also provided twice a year for the shredding events, electronic disposal, car shows, fireworks, holiday meal pickups, and other special events.

The Patrol operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year in all kinds of weather to provide that safety and security so much appreciated by the residents.

And all of this is accomplished with 10 part-time officers, two part-time senior officers, and a full-time Patrol Manager.

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