From left: Paulette Kasperski, Bob and Kris Hoffman.

Bob and Kris Hoffman met skydiving. They each have over 2,200 dives! After moving to Prescott, Arizona from Madison, Wisconsin, they decided they wanted a more active retirement community and bought in SaddleBrooke. Their new neighbors asked them to join in a game of POP Tennis. They both replied, “What’s that?”

They went to the SaddleBrooke Tennis Center and borrowed two racquets. They fell in love with the sport and bought their own racquets. Now they both are avid POP Tennis players.

Kris is a retired Health Care Quality Improvement Nurse, and still has an active license. Bob was a refrigerator specialist who owned a home inspection service company and was the buyer for the largest bicycle importer company in the United States.

Both Bob and Kris enjoy an active lifestyle, love to travel, and have found the amenities in SaddleBrooke to be just what they were looking for in retirement. In the picture of the three POP Tennis players, Bob is holding a regular size tennis racquet to show the difference in size and structure of a POP Tennis racquet held by Paulette and Kris.

A critique of the current POP Tennis rating system is that the rating system could be improved with written or verbal feedback after someone has attended a rating clinic.

(This comment has been stated by others in the POP Tennis groups they play with.)

Another new member to the sport of POP Tennis is Paulette Kasperski. Paulette is a retired elementary school teacher, who attended a “Drop-in-Clinic” run by Fran Meckler to let new players learn the fundamentals, rules, and get a taste of the sport. When the “Drop-in-Clinic” was over, Paulette asked Fran Meckler helped her get a group of those new to the sport to meet and play on a regular basis. Fran gave Paulette a list of those who had attended her class. Soon, Paulette had twelve who wanted to play on Tuesdays with her group. Then, Stuart Watkins started a group that meets on Wednesdays, and another group that meets on Sunday mornings.

Paulette went to Google Sheets and formed a website where players could sign up for play on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Sunday. Players could drop out online if they had a conflict. Kris commented, “This is a living document. It is easy to sign up, and easy to drop out if needed.”

All three, Bob, Kris, and Paulette, shared the hope that the Tennis Center will continue to allow POP Tennis players to have more than four players on a court at a time. They enjoy the current rotation system where this age group of POP Tennis players who are less athletic than some of the Organized POP Tennis players are, will be allowed to rotate players in and out of sets.

By rotating players in and out, instead of only four players being allowed to play on a court during Organized Play Time Slots, this would help prevent dehydration, exhaustion, and injuries. Many older players do not have the stamina to play with just four players in a two-hour time slot.

Friendship, competition among POP Tennis players of similar strengths, were some of the reasons stated by Bob, Kris, and Paulette as why they enjoy this sport. This sentiment has been stated by many of those new to this sport; POP Tennis.

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