Spanish conquistadors built the Presidio of San Ignacio de Tubac in 1752. Prominent settlers were offered land grants, thereby making Tubac the first European settlement in the west. Another remarkable historical fact about this village is that, on January 8, 1774, Captain Juan Bautista de Anza II and 300 faithful men, women and children, some on horseback, most on foot, left Tubac, commencing their 1,000-mile journey. These people were instrumental in the building of 21 missions along the Pacific coast in California and established the city of San Francisco.

One settler who took advantage of the Spanish land grant offer was Don Toribio de Otero. He planted fruit trees, but years later, when his grandson Sabino took over, Otero Ranch became the largest cattle ranch in all of Arizona Territory. Eventually, the Oteros fell on hard times and the ranch, and its lands came up for sale in 1959. The buyer was a consortium of wealthy partners, most notably, Bing Crosby. Otero Ranch became Tubac Golf Resort and Spa.

More recently, in 1995 the resort made news when Tin Cup, starring Kevin Costner, filmed quite a few scenes on holes 3 and 4 of the Rancho 9. Upgrading of Rancho’s cart paths prohibited taking a photo of the plaque commemorating the spot from where Costner’s character, Roy McAvoy, hit many balls into the water, rather than dropping a ball closer to where the previous one had entered. On the last golf ball in his bag, McAvoy finally hit the green and the ball rolled into the cup for a 12.

Twelve is a big number for one hole, a number that most of our SBWGA-18 players have never experienced.

On Thursday, July 22 with her rescue club, Geri Sandilands only needed one stroke to put her ball in the cup on the Par 3, Catalina #8 hole. Congratulations on your Hole-In-One, Geri! Roy McAvoy should have used his rescue club.

Our players are always looking for other venues and opportunities to play golf. Perhaps, playing and competing with the Tucson Chapter of the LPGA Amateurs are in some of our members’ futures. Cathe Kropp, SBWGA-18’s Treasurer, plays with that group to fine success. She was part of the winning foursome at Ventana Canyon recently. Cathe likes that LPGA Amateurs offers per year about 20 golfing events on courses all over the Tucson area, at which the group’s members may bring along a non-member guest. And that some members in the Tucson Chapter are younger, working women brings a different perspective to the game.

LPGA Amateurs also are availed of opportunities to hear from some of the greats themselves. Recent Facebook Live Events were conversations with Dottie Pepper and Juli Inkster. Additionally, LPGA Amateurs have free entrance (member plus one guest) to all LPGA, Symetra, and LPGA Legends Tour events in the US and Canada. Plus, the Tucson Chapter members are welcome to play the Phoenix Chapter events. If you’re interested, you might check out this golfing opportunity for future participation.

On Tuesday, July 27, ACE Day rolled around, as that event does every month. Congratulations to all of the following winners on Tuesday, July 27!

Overall July ACE Gross Winner – Sandra Murray, 85; Overall July ACE Day Winner – Net – Deb Fenton, 61.

Red/Yellow Tee: Gross Winner, Brenda Brown, 85; Net Winner, Takeyo Eakin, 70.

Red Tee, Flight 1: Gross, 1st-Reenie Romey, 86; 2nd-Geri Sandilands, 91; Net, 1st-Eila Sallaberry, 73.

Red Tee, Flight 2: Gross, 1st-Joan Chyall, 94; 2nd-Marie Kahng, 96; Net, 1st-Jo Ann Ellison, 75.

Red Tee, Flight 3: Gross, 1st-Marcia Keim, 98; 2nd-Kay Sullivan, 99; Net, 1st-Cathe Kropp, 72; 2nd-Patty Mawe, 75.

Red/Aqua Flight: Gross, 1st-Gail Plimpton, 95.

Lexus of Tucson Auto Mall sponsored the Closest to the Pin on Catalina #6, which was awarded to Marie Kahng at 3-feet, 8-inches.

With a silver hammer on May 10, 1869, the “Golden Spike” was tapped into the train track at Promontory Summit, Utah, signifying the completion of the First Transcontinental Railway in America and opening the west to its industrial future.

On Tuesday, August 3, SBWGA-18 members used their silver-colored clubs to swing around the course, recording low scores. Winners of the game “Race Track” were those whose recorded totals were the lowest of gross, net and putts within their flights; they are:

Flight 1: Low Gross, Helen Graham, 81; Low Net, Becky Hubbard, 69; Low Putts, Reenie Romey, 27.

Flight 2: Low Gross, Sally Drennen, 93; Low Net, Maggie Falconer, 74; Low Putts, Sarah Earnest, 29.

Flight 3: Low Gross, Marie Kahng, 94; Low Net, Ann Stonecipher, 75; Low Putts, Tina Gruner, 28.

Flight 4: Low Gross, Jo Ann Ellison, 98; Low Net, Doris Smith, 78; Low Putts, Jan Bukes, 34.

Our sponsor AIM Printing Center awarded Closest to the Pin on Catalina #3 to Connie Culley, whose ball tracked along a line to only 4-feet, 11-inches from the cup. Congratulations to all the winners on Tuesday, August 3!

Due to a terrific monsoon storm, the Tuesday, August 10 game was wiped out. Hopefully, this monsoon season will continue its abundant rain and bring an end to our extreme drought in Arizona’s near future.

From the historic village of Tubac to the future of our beautiful state, may golf always be a part of your future.

It’s time to tee up!

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