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You may be holed up in your home as I am. Lately, I’ve been spending some time looking at the thousands of photographs I’ve shot over the past few years. When I travel and see something interesting about construction, building or historic value, I always try to capture it in a photograph or short video.

Q: I’m 23 years old and just got out of college. I bought my first small house and am about to remodel my basement. The previous owners of the house glued 2-inch thick foam insulation to the poured concrete walls. It’s got an aluminum foil face on it. Then they covered that with an open-cell foam board that’s 3/4-inch thick.

If possible, your grill should be at least 10 feet from your house, and not near an open window. It should be situated on a fireproof and stable surface like concrete or brick, if possible. Make sure it's somewhere you can monitor at all times when the grill is going. And make sure there isn't an overhang, to prevent fire or carbon monoxide buildup.

Concrete has left the construction zone and is cropping up in beautiful new ways in interior design. The natural color and interesting texture of concrete means it blends seamlessly into a number of aesthetics—industrial, modern, bohemian, and classic. Not convinced? These 4 awesome home décor items will turn you into a concrete convert.

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Q: I have a backyard concrete slab patio that was built in 2010, and now there are several cracks in its surface. Over time, some of them seem…

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