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The increase in remote work means that U.S. workers are relying even more on technology, which could have an effect on the demand for IT administrators—a group that was in demand even before COVID-19.

Although manufacturing output has grown overall, the growth has not been equal among manufacturing subsectors. The change in manufacturing jobs over the last two decades also differs substantially on a geographic basis. 

The coronavirus pandemic has cost a record number of Americans their jobs. Self-employed workers are especially vulnerable during economic downturns since they do not have the same type of job protections as other workers. 

In times of crisis, workers not represented by unions may face worse consequences than workers represented by unions, and locations with lower union membership rates might also be less resilient to economic hardship. 

Even before the Great Recession, the percentage of young adults living with their parents was on the rise. As more young adults reside with parents, the size of the average U.S. household is growing for the first time in 160 years

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COVID-19 is the disease caused by a virus strain that began spreading in December 2019. It has caused much of the world to change the way everyday life is conducted. How much of the basics do you know?

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