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The late Miles Thompson, who had an M.A. in classical antiquity and an academic background in Graeco-Roman archaeology, began sculpting gargoy…

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Make more plants from the ones you already have. This video shows you how to propagate your plant using cuttings. Video by Dominika Heusinkvel…

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In Thornton Wilder’s 1938 play “Our Town,” heliotrope flowers connect two sets of characters who gather to inhale their intoxicating scent in the moonlight. Heliotropes, then common, are, indeed, wonderfully fragranced. Yet somehow, they’ve fallen out of favor in American gardens. Many onetime garden staples from the Victorian era through the 1950s have been replaced with hybrids and compact bedding plants, many of which lack the charm, aroma and simple nostalgia of their predecessors.

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Mature perennials in your garden are a valuable resource. Most perennials can be dug up and divided, yielding two, three or even four splits. And each of these can be replanted elsewhere. Even better, trade with other gardeners, swapping divisions of your perennial for varieties in their gardens that you’d like to try.

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