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Medicare Advantage, the private-sector alternative to original Medicare, now enrolls nearly half of all Medicare beneficiaries. But it remains controversial because — while most of its subscribers like the extra benefits many plans provide — the program frequently costs the federal government more than if those seniors remained in the fully public program. That controversy […]

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Health experts proposed detailed plans for a gradual end to anti-virus controls, but the Chinese government rebuffed them and dropped restrictions in December with no preparations to cope with the chaotic aftermath, The Associated Press has found. 

Following in the footsteps of six conservative-led states, Senate Republicans want to pull Arizona’s membership from a multistate coalition that aids in cleaning voter rolls, following false claims that the coalition is part of a liberal conspiracy to rig elections.  The Electronic Registration Information Center, also known as ERIC, is a nonprofit formed in 2012 […]

The post GOP bill would remove Arizona from ERIC, the database designed to combat voter fraud appeared first on Arizona Mirror.

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Longstanding disagreements about content in school libraries often focus on books with LGBTQ themes. School boards and legislatures nationwide also are facing questions about books and considering making it easier to limit access.

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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrived in Kyiv for a surprise visit shortly after noon Tuesday, hours after Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in neighboring Russia for a three-day trip. Moscow’s invasion will be in the spotlight at both meetings. Footage shown on Japanese national broadcaster NHK showed Kishida walking on the platform of a train station, escorted by a few people who appeared to be Ukrainian officials. It was uncertain whether either meeting would change the course of the almost 13-month war in Ukraine, but the talks about 800 kilometers (500 miles) apart highlighted the war’s repercussions for international diplomacy as countries line up behind rival parties.

WASHINGTON – When the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments Monday in Arizona v. Navajo Nation, it will be considering fairly technical legal questions, but the answers could have a large impact on water allocation in the Colorado River basin. The case actually combines two cases, Arizona v. Navajo Nation and Department of the Interior v. […]

The post Supreme Court hears Navajo water rights case with potentially big impact appeared first on Arizona Mirror.

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The recent deadly earthquake in Turkey and Syria, which caused billions of dollars in damage, has boosted the prospects of Syria's once widely shunned president return to the Arab fold, but it appears unlikely to jump-start large-scale reconstruction in the war-ravaged country.

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China is accusing the United States of spreading disinformation and suppressing TikTok following reports that the Biden administration was calling for its Chinese owners to sell their stakes in the popular video-sharing app.

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Mexico is a year away from electing its next head of state and the potential candidate getting the most attention is an environmental scientist who could become the first female leader of Latin America's second-largest economy. 

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