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Gun Control

OPINION: "Reasonable steps would be to regulate possession of all firearms, restore the ban on sale of semi-automatic rifles and initiate government buybacks of those already in private hands. We should heed the experience of other nations like Australia where a reduction in firearms resulted in much lower murder, suicide and accident rates," writes G.A. Clark, part-time resident of Bisbee and ASU professor. 

OPINION: "This is not to say that those lawmakers who vote down strict gun controls and those constituents who vote them into office actually want the slaughter of young children, or the fearfulness of schoolchildren everywhere. But they want the freedom around guns more. It's a question of priorities," writes Tucsonan Brent Harold. 

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LETTERS: Some letter writers claim it's really the Dems who are being hypocrites with their renewed push to eliminate the filibuster rule in the Senate. Read those takes and more in today's Letters to the Editor.

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A look at the importance of judicial appointments and how they become part of a president's legacy. Analysts say President Trump is reshaping the federal courts by appointing younger and more conservative judges. These appointments will affect the United States for decades to come.

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