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OPINION: "We should give consideration to gun restrictions in American history when discussing going forward with legitimate gun violence legislation. And for many, the Old West is a beginning reference point. People should do more reading research about this. They would find the Old West had stricter gun laws than we have today," writes Tucsonan Frank Thompson.  

OPINION: "Sam and I disagree on many issues, but if we weren’t talking, it would be very easy to let those disagreements morph into disgust, and have us turn each other into caricatures of 'our side.' I don’t want that to happen, even if people on the extremes encourage that very thing," writes regular Star contributor Renée Schafer Horton.

OPINION: "If we want to project national toughness, why not select the nail as our object of worship? No one ever says this or that guy is “tough as guns.” Sure, it’s crazy to honor the nail this way but if we’re in the market for a tough-as-nails national symbol, there it is! “You can have my nails when you pry them from my cold, dead hands,” writes Oro Valley resident Mike Cohen. 

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OPINION: "Contrary to our shared public values, the gun lobby stomps its feet like spoiled brats while our children are forced to grow up too quickly; participating in active shooter drills and learning how to apply tourniquets to their classmates and teachers," writes Dana Allmond, a Democratic candidate for the Arizona State House of Representatives in Legislative District 17.

OPINION: "Gone are the Saturday matinees with the cowboy heroes. Gone are the pretend reenactments of those movies. Gone are the days when a young boy’s innocence did not give a second thought to pretending to shoot a gun at someone else because it was all make-believe," writes Tucsonan Robert Nordmeyer. 

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