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Renee Schafer Horton

OPINION: "Sam and I disagree on many issues, but if we weren’t talking, it would be very easy to let those disagreements morph into disgust, and have us turn each other into caricatures of 'our side.' I don’t want that to happen, even if people on the extremes encourage that very thing," writes regular Star contributor Renée Schafer Horton.

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OPINION: "That’s where we come in, folks. If you’re concerned about global warming, call your elected officials monthly and tell them you’ll vote for them if they back carbon pricing," writes Star contributor Renée Schafer Horton.

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OPINION: "He’d arrived from Dallas for Thanksgiving week the prior night and was staying at his sister’s house, but happened to be out near our home and thought he’d pop in. As he joked about me leaving my doors unlocked and gave me the aforementioned hug, I couldn’t help but think how different things were just a year ago," writes regular Star contributor Renée Schafer Horton.

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OPINION: "Big Tech profits by selling eyeballs to their advertisers. Their growth strategy is getting younger and younger audiences hooked on their addictive platforms. Their growth strategy, hear me clearly, is your children. While we wait for needed government regulation, millions of kids staring at blue screens are becoming more and more programmed by their phones," writes regular contributor Renée Schafer Horton.

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