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OPINION: "Starting right this minute, resolve to make a positive difference. Anything uplifting or generous you do can be contagious and spread like wildfire," writes Green Valley resident Paul McCreary. 

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OPINION: "As a mom of a recent CFSD graduate, plus two children currently enrolled in CFSD schools, I implore you to help fund education. My children have benefitted from the outstanding education, facilities, and technology available to them, and I hope everyone’s children in the Tucson community can continue to benefit from our excellent schools," writes Melinda McNeilus, chairperson of FRIENDS of CFSD.

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OPINION: "Let's keep our heads for the next few weeks. It could be chaotic, but we'll get through it. When the dust settles, we'll get to work figuring out if we still have a functioning democracy in Arizona," writes Curt Prendergast, the Star's opinion editor. 

OPINION: "I hope to add my name to the list of strong women who have represented our community in Washington, from Gabrielle Giffords to Ann Kirkpatrick. Regardless of the outcome of my race, I’m proud of the campaign I’ve run and grateful for the opportunity to participate in our democracy," writes Kirsten Engel, the Democratic candidate in Congressional District 6. 

OPINION: "I’m sure you will see, as I have, that for all the 'God talk' that Christian nationalists throw around, their attitudes and actions are starkly antithetical to the gospel of love and inclusion for all advocated by the Jesus they claim to believe in," writes Rev. Gary Nelson, a former conservative pastor in Payson.

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OPINION: "While we may not always agree on the path to take, in our discussions it’s clear that we all want a similar result: excellence in education at TVUSD. To achieve this goal, we need to vote 'yes' on Prop 494," writes Thomas Trask, a candidate for the Tanque Verde Unified School District Governing Board.

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OPINION: "We need leaders who focus on positive outcomes, continually foster hope, ready to lead collaborative efforts, and willing to fight for change that truly benefits our communities. I urge you, do not vote for anyone who fosters hate or divisiveness," writes Tucsonan Sofia Martinez Ramos.

OPINION: "When we speak, especially as a group, people and policymakers take notice. We can’t take this power for granted. As institutions, we must speak out on behalf of truth and justice," writes Magdalena Verdugo, CEO of the YWCA Southern Arizona.

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