Christian Dawkins, above, testified that he had a good relationship with UA coach Sean Miller.

During his time on the stand Thursday, Christian Dawkins was asked again about whether he paid college coaches and about his relationship with Sean Miller.

Adam Zagoria summarized what happened in the conversation about Miller, and the transcript of that portion is attached as a PDF for anyone who wants all the details of that conversation.

While the rest of the proceedings Thursday mostly did not involve Arizona, Dawkins provided some lively testimony. In one example, during a cross-examination of Dawkins, he was asked about the NBA Players Association view of him and, of all things, his Uber habits.

That exchange, which includes a sidebar where defense attorney Steve Haney objects, is also attached as a PDF.

Among the other memorable moments came when Haney asked Dawkins in redirect examination about a road trip he took from Atlanta to South Carolina with business partner Munish Sood and cooperating government witness Marty Blazer.

"At which point -- at which Waffle House did you pass before you realized Marty Blazer wasn't the smartest guy in the world?" Haney asked.

Prosecutor Robert Boone then objected and judge Edgardo Ramos sustained it.

Haney tried again.

"You realized Marty Blazer wasn't a very smart guy pretty fast, didn't you?" he said.

The question was again objected to and sustained.

Greg Hansen says the UA basketball situation has landed in Robert Robbins' hands.

Yahoo's Pete Thamel wonders how long Arizona can keep Miller.

The Pac-12 will be going to 20 games starting in 2020-21, meaning marquee matchups such as UA-UCLA might never be skipped again.

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