Craig Carter

A former assistant UA track and field coach convicted of assaulting a student athlete has been found guilty of three major disciplinary infractions during his first six days in an Eloy prison.

Craig Carter, 50, was convicted by a Pima County jury in March of two counts of aggravated assault — one with a deadly weapon — for a 2015 incident involving former University of Arizona thrower Baillie Gibson.

Carter admitted to campus police to choking Gibson while threatening to cut her with a box cutter during an argument in his office. The pair had been involved in a sexual relationship, that Gibson says was not consensual.

Weeks after his conviction, Carter pleaded guilty to charges of stalking and harassment, closing out the remaining criminal cases against him.

He was sentenced to five years in prison on May 14, and was transferred into Arizona Department of Corrections Custody on May 25.

On Friday, Carter was transferred to Eloy's Red Rock Correctional Center and was written up the same day for disobeying a verbal or written order, according to the ADOC website.

The next day, Carter was again flagged for disobeying a verbal or written order, and was subsequently found guilty of both infractions on Monday.

On Tuesday, Carter was written up a third time for disobeying a verbal or written order. He was found guilty of the infraction Wednesday.

All three infractions are considered major violations. It's unclear what discipline, if any, Carter will face as a result of the violations.

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