Running back Anthony Mariscal takes the ball from quarterback K'Hari Lane during Arizona's scrimmage Saturday night.

The first two series of the Arizona Wildcats’ 115-play scrimmage Saturday night were open for media observation. Here’s a look at the lineups. Bear in mind, much of this – in particular the offensive line units – is subject to change before the Sept. 1 opener against BYU. Also, some players were unavailable because of injuries.


  • QB Khalil Tate
  • RB Gary Brightwell
  • WR Shawn Poindexter
  • TE Bryce Wolma
  • LT Donovan Laie
  • LG Tshiyombu Lukusa
  • C Josh McCauley
  • RG Bryson Cain
  • RT Cody Creason
  • WR Shun Brown
  • WR Cedric Peterson


  • DE Justin Belknap
  • NT PJ Johnson
  • DT Dereck Boles
  • Stud Kylan Wilborn
  • MLB Colin Schooler
  • WLB Tony Fields II
  • Spur Tristan Cooper
  • CB Lorenzo Burns
  • Bandit Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles
  • FS Jarrius Wallace
  • CB Azizi Hearn


  • QB K’Hari Lane
  • RB Anthony Mariscal
  • WR Drew Dixon
  • TE Jamie Nunley
  • LT Layth Friekh
  • LG Jon Jacobs
  • C Steven Bailey
  • RG Michael Eletise
  • RT Edgar Burrola
  • WR Stanley Berryhill III
  • WR Brian Casteel


  • DE JB Brown
  • NT Mykee Irving
  • DT Finton Connolly
  • Stud Lee Anderson III
  • MLB Santino Marchiol
  • WLB Anthony Pandy
  • Spur Dayven Coleman
  • CB Antonio Parks
  • Bandit Chacho Ulloa
  • FS Isaiah Hayes
  • CB McKenzie Barnes

Notes: It is believed that RB J.J. Taylor was held out so he wouldn’t get banged up. … WR Tony Ellison and RB Nathan Tilford played with the first-team offense later in the scrimmage.

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