Arizona Wildcats legend Tedy Bruschi is recovering at a Massachusetts hospital after suffering a stroke on Thursday, his family said. 

Bruschi, who turned 46 last month, "recognized the warning signs immediately: arm weakness, face drooping and speech difficulties," the family said in a statement. The analyst is recovering well, the family said; Bruschi's current employer, ESPN, said he has " the complete support of ESPN and we wish him a speedy recovery."

The family's full statement is below. 

The stroke is Bruschi's second. He suffered his first stroke in February 2005, while he was playing linebacker for the New England Patriots. Bruschi told Men's Health that the first stroke was caused by a small hole in his heart.

"A blood clot had formed in my body, and it found a sort of a shortcut through my heart defect to my brain," he told the magazine. "By the time I got to the hospital, it was too late to prevent or reverse the damage. But had I recognized the warning signs within a window — usually 3 to 4 hours — I could have taken certain medications to reverse or stop the effects of the stroke."

Bruschi recovered, then played four more seasons with the Patriots. Bruschi started Tedy's Team, a charity that helps raise awareness for stroke and serves stroke victims. His crew runs in the Boston Marathon annually. Bruschi has run in the marathon three times, most recently this spring. Bruschi and his team completed the race in 4:35:35. 

Bruschi was arguably the top defensive player in UA history. In 1994, he posted 27 1/2 tackles for loss and 19 sacks and was Pac-10's defensive player defensive player of the year and consensus All-American. He was a 2013 inductee into the National Football Foundation College Hall of Fame.

Bruschi returns to Tucson often; his wife, the former Heidi Bomberger, is a Tucson native and former UA volleyball player.